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    if you need clarification, then you the Maafaka ! Adios.
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    Addis ..Ababa
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    Kuna mkenya ako Addis doing IT or Electrical stuff in here? Natafuta some items over there
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    Buying from Amazon

    If anyone knows how to bring in Pelican cases at a good price, please let me know!
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    Essential Oils.

    Speaking of oils, anyone know where to source oil perfumes for resale?
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    Android 10 is shit

    Android 10 on Huawei P20 Pro works like a charm.
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    How can I get TV audio through bluetooth headphones

    Depending on your TV outputs, you can get easily get a bluetooth Receiver /Transmitter , works best if your tv has optical audio out ... I use...
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    Ordered in March, at some point even the tracking info disappeared. It will be a long wait.
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    FAIBA 4G disappointments

    Sh!tiest modem and service ever!
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    Dish size

    Try an 8ft dish.
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    Zuku router Telnet login.

    Who spells administrator correctly in a password? That would beat logic. Anyway just use the Zuku basic device as a bridge and use a more versatile router behind it to accomplish your tasks.
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    Coolant change

    @Duluz, buy the coolnant at Charleys hapo Ngara, they can do the change for you as well.
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    Thigari Cia Waitina

    Arghhh, who has this song? Deleted on youtube.
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    Why do people hate Nissan cars

    Where do the Nissan owners get their genuine parts?
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    Allsops/Ruaraka Overpass

    After near completion, has this solved anything?
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    Diamond Property Merchants’ prime land set for auction

    Any idea if the land to be auctioned is royal gardens or ebenezer?
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    Talkers, nani mwenye wazua? I'd like to buy that site and fix it.

    Wazua now on server hold, weka bid haraka haraka!
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    JTL Router password

    Those guys never give you that password, never figured the logic for that, even to do a simple port forward you need to call them!
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    Ugandans Fooled wakameza!! Haha

    Actually New vision is not part of the Nation Media group, get your facts right!