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  1. Kimundu

    Mobile loans: tala, branch and the likes

    Hey anyone here ever taken Tala loan? What is your current loan limit? Have you ever considered how much it'll cost you and how long it'll take you to attain their 50k loan limit?
  2. Kimundu

    Swearing affidavit

    To add a spouse to my NHIF card they as asking for a marriage cert or a sworn affidavit. Lawyers and know it all please advise me on the procedure, requirements and cost of swearing such an affidavit. Thanks.
  3. Kimundu

    Airtel data

    So you have about 500 points airtel zawadi points and need data? When you dial *326# and opt for data redemption, the system indicates that you are redeeming 500 for 125 mbs but airtel sends you is 1792 mbs. If you redeem 1250 points you get 3072 instead of 350 indicated on the system. Ni hayo tu.
  4. Kimundu

    Dating an atheist

    Hey would you date someone who is an atheist?