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  1. Dothraki screamer

    Safisha mecho.

  2. Dothraki screamer

    Kukuliwa wife to be.

    so i have this workmate i have known for a while, we were in campus together...He is married but one day he tells me there is a lady who is interested in him at some function, lets call her Carol. later on he tells me he hooked up with Carol but he was not impressed. A few weeks later we go to...
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    Two girls. Advice

    I have two women in my life, the first one is a 25 yr old working class earns well, pretty big booty..on paper perfect wife..problem is she is very demanding, spoilt brat na hata vitunguu kwa nyumba haezi nunua.. The 2nd one is a 20 year old in college pale utalii anataka kuwa chef, very...
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    Rich women

    I recently found out that my girlfriend earns waay waaaaay much more than me... 3 times to be exact. This was a shock since she hustles me as f**k when she comes over weekend..kila kitu mimi ndo ufanya. She only contributes petty things. she even asks for transport sometimes. This revelation has...
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    Juu uchumi ni mbaya leo i am Posting my services, i will file your annual returns for only 100 ksh..any other accounting or tax based services also available. Whatsapp 0707529363.
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    Don't Meet The Parents.

    What is it with women and meeting their parents?..The past 3 ladies i have dated, we fell out because mainly i did not want to meet their parents. You date for 3 months, next minute "Twende tuone Mum this weekend anataka kukumeet" I am yet to give in but the pressure is building up with the...
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    Demon Children from Single Mothers.

    I know most of you have dated a single mother and whether its a good or bad thing, thats still up for debate. Today lets talk about their kids, more specifically their kids from so bad they might have been sired by satan. My experience.. i dated this lovely lady with a boy aged 8...
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    When Cousins Marry...

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    Trapped in the Closet

    Now now...i was not trapped in a closet like R.kelly nor am i g** hiding in the closet. Engage me on this one...i was watching porn pale Xvideos..i had just finished jerking off to Busty asian midget creamy f**k ...then i switched to oily ebony...i found this one video doggy i started jerking...
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    Inachoma Part 2

    Habari ya villagers...first and foremost..Thengiu...after your wishes of Luweere..and other ill-fated thingies. I decided to be a responsible adult..went to the hospital gave out my blood, urine in that order, for you can recall..taking a piss has been like taking a thousand daggers...
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    Inachoma inachoma!!!

    Wakubwa kimeumana... After kudry-fry kunguru, kukojoa inachoma kama moto ya Drogon pale Westeros..alafu kasdischarge pale..uuuuuuuuwi.. Saidieni villager na dawa ya kusafisha the one-eyed monster..