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  1. paparazzi

    Figure eight

    So as I was lazily browsing facebook yesterday,I came across these photos by my local pub in Mombasa. This lady’s figure struck me as odd, I would’nt want to bodyshame lakini the jury is out there. These hips manze . Najua wanaume wameamkia kazi, lakini vivyo hivyo
  2. paparazzi

    Statehouse cancels August 26th ‘Census Holiday.’

    It seems it will be work as usual for everyone on Aug 26th. State House now says that President Uhuru Kenyatta has not announced that August 26, 2019 as a public holiday. In a late-night dispatch to newsrooms, the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit announced a correction to its earlier...
  3. paparazzi

    Magufool, Namanga one stop border

    Security must not only be felt, it must be seen too. Ask any commander, they will tell you the importance of this mantra. Magofool boys came prepared for the launch of the Namanga one stop border post. We expect a deek measuring contest from our boys too
  4. paparazzi

    Conman Don Bosco Gichana trial in Tanzania

    A small bird in Tanzania has whispered that the high court sitting in Dar is expected to release Don Bosco, a flambouyant businessman, wheeler dealer and Kisii based politician after 5 years of incarceration. If you believe the Kenyan judiciary is bad, then do not dream of ever stepping into our...
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    Revamped Police Service

    Lisemwalo lipo na kama haijafika ngoja yaja. National Policing Conference at the Kenya School of Government where the president has announced a new raft of measures that aims to transform the police force to a service, with new command positions to boot.
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    World cup Tanzania

    Nyie ndugu zetu wabongo mna mambo kweli, nimecheka sana nilipo ona barua hili(naelewa ni jokes) Karibuni Kenya
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    Otieno Kajwang

    Senator mapambano died in the course of achieving the elusive village threshold
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    Security should not only be felt, should be seen too

    As the CIC leaves for a three day official visit to Uganda,the country has been left on very safe hands. Interprete this pic in whichever way you fancy talkers
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    Ethiopian prime minister

    Reports reaching MeriaMata News Network indicate that the Ethiopian premier Hailemariam Desalegn has just submitted his resignation letter. This also follows the recent US intelligence report warning that Ethiopia and Kenya will continue facing political instability in 2018 as their respective...
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    Cabinet loading

    By Meriamata national network (MNN) A little bird close to this writer has intimated of a possible cabinet naming from the house on the hill before Simba 1 proceeds to Addis Ababa for the 28th AU summit. Already world leaders are converging there ahead of the summit that will commence on 30th...
  11. paparazzi

    of hisense, skyworth and tcl tvs

    These three brands are shaking the traditional Kenyan TV market that was mostly pro Sony/lG/Samsung due to their pretty competitive pricing and the features that they pack. I plan to buy a 50" smart digital TV with 4K ultra HD screen for my folks back in ushago, and a similar one or 43" for my...
  12. paparazzi

    Lunchtime mashakura edition

    Everytime I’m in Nairobi I must pass through Sidai Oleng pub along Kiambu road to eat this mashakura called ‘Kuku bahati.’ The joint is located on that road leading towards CID hq. The platter comprises of roasted arrow roots,french fries,boiled maize,fried kuku kienyeji,boiled eggs,firifiri...
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    Babu Owino rearrested

    Kajamaa kameshikwa tena a few minutes after being released on bond. Tear gas kwa wingi Milimani courts
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    Imposter Waiganjo

    There are men huku town kazi yao ni hizi, mara leo ni mtu wa music copyright anaenda kushika our resident dj hapa, tena ni mtu wa ntsa anashika @Meria Mata hapo barabara ya mtito, tena ni jamaa wa Nema anaraid bar owner ama newly constructed buildings. I remember an incident where a police...
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    Joho back to his theatricks

    Governor Joho and his team of kanjus have been briefly detained at Nyali police after they went to evect an alleged land grabber in Nyali. Walishikwa on tresspass charges..joho, and his powerful brother Abu are the biggest land grabbing cartel we have at the Coast. EDIT: Governor Joho went Nyali...
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    Madaraka Express bookings go digital

    You can now book and pay for tickets on Madaraka Express through their mobile phones after introduction of an SMS-based payment platform. Just dial *639# and follow the prompts. Its on trial basis but so far its working really well! You can chose either to board at Msa,Voi,Mtito Andei or Nairobi...
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    RIP Joel Onyancha

    Just recieved confirmed reports of saddening news, the former Bomachoge Borabu legislator is suspected to have suffered a fatal stroke at Agha Khan
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    Deputy CJ Mwilu and SCOK judge Lenaola call and text data points to a premiditated presdntial ruling

    A Mombasa based NGO has filed a damning petition proving the Deputy CJ and Justice Lenaola irregular contacts with Nasa's legal team during the proceedings of the presidential petition. The petitioner has annexed phone calls and text data detailing the communication the two had with Orengo,Amos...
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    Shooting incident at Tudor

    Its alleged that Fareed Hisham, Jubilee's Coast Coordinator bodyguard has been shot dead hapo Tudor. Its still not very clear whether its the bodyguard or another person associated with Hashim. Story still developing. @Meria Mata correspondents wako wametuma details? UPDATE, The guy is alive...
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    Mercenaries for hire in Kenya

    Just read a police signal of a chance recovery of several boxes of assorted ammo in residence of British citizen . The police in their usual stupidity to get likes rushed to the media parading the goods. Though the various intelligence bodies have raised their antennae, this would have been...