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    weekend porn

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    Recently canceled TV-Shows:

    mkaange mkijua
  3. junkie

    walking dead

    Hiyo meffi imeweka uzi ya spoiler hapo chini hatucrick hadi tu watch will not spoil it for us.logging in again at 7:30 eat Meffi
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    Kq Kuna chida gani leo???my wife has been in mombasa airport since fucking planes,no explanations given.nimekunya fobe nikingoja hadi nimechoka sasa.fucking incompetence of the highest order
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    That was a bitch move on your part. How come someone can call me a limp d*ck and when I retaliate you delete my comment?? Why the double standards???
  6. junkie

    john snow lives.....

    spoiler alert......
  7. junkie

    makofi kwa mzito

    After a long voluntary hiatus @junkie is back to kijiji What did I miss? Is manki still banning guys hohe hahe? @uwesmake staki umeffi
  8. junkie

    40/43 inch tv required

    @junkie has had a good year and wants to upgrade to either 40 or 43 inch tv,make doesn't matter as long as ni full HD 1080p iko na HDMI na USB port,budget ni 50,000 biz ya haraka tumalizane leo
  9. junkie

    access kenya lady nude clip

    sema ngwe niweke hapa
  10. junkie

    home alone tuesday

    so today @junkie is at home relaxing,the wife at work,kids wako kindergarten na mboch ameenda kusosiwa na caretaker,after smoking ganja i seem to have become quite horny.. on to my porn stash..
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    another NETFLIX original.Sex and drugs just the way i like it something to kill the hangover this lazy sunday
  12. junkie

    ndio huyu boyz

  13. junkie

    while i was looking for my daily dose

    came across the below comments and couldn't help but wonder how sick some maafakaz are
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    what happened to my post on the guarana drinking biach being fingered in the car that @Purr_27 was wanking too afew days ago? Had put screen shots and it was clearly labeled explicit!!!kwanini ulingoa??
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    Dedicated to you
  16. junkie

    team siwesclick

    please click you wont regret
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    microsoft windows 10

    good evening villagers, while i was busy downloading my usual poison i got this pop up message ya Microsoft na wanasema it will be a FREE FULL VERSION upgrade not a TRIAL. now my qustion is even for guys like my who are currently using a pirated widows 8 tunapewa bure??? @Deorro na @highschooler...
  18. junkie

    wwe payback 2015

    this show aired last sunday and being the busy go getter i am,fogort to download my favorite pay-per-view and alas today i go to my all in one pirating shop kickass torrents and get the shock of my life. mbisha ndio hii.. am like wtf..what to do now. so i go to my friend google and after...
  19. junkie

    niko na swali

    for those of you who dont know am studying for a doctorate and while doing research i came across this ad in our native language and wanted to know if it works or not @uwesmake @highschooler @Wakanyama @kush yule mnono i know you can offer some insight since you are the villagers that have...
  20. junkie

    justified searies finale

    no spoilers today..the showdown between raylan and boon was epic..i will miss boyd crowder.awesome finale i've seen in a long time