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  1. Dereva


    So boy child anatafuta guest house along Thika Road from Drive In to Kasarani. Iwe between 1to 2k per night. Anakuja training for three weeks only problem is organizers wanaprovide breakfast na lunch peke yake. Saidieni
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    Niko Corner Bar, Embu @muria.mboco kuja upewe kitu
  3. Dereva

    Watu hujisumbua bure

    Copied from Kenya alerts (Telegram) George Gichimu needs your help good Kenyans!! This afternoon a very troubling incident of a driver running over protesters happened and he has been mistakenly identified as the owner of the car.... It's a case of mistaken identity. The owner of the cruiser...
  4. Dereva

    Governments Numero Uno

    @Meria Mata. Hii ni ukweli?
  5. Dereva

    Log book verification

    Has anyone ever used this service, and are they reliable?
  6. Dereva

    @mundu mulosi kuja hapa

    Iko shida gani pungoma. Naskia iko Bible Mpya. Four months after the mysterious death of Jehovah Wanyonyi, a man terming himself the last prophet from God to mankind has cropped up in Bungoma county. Nabii Yohana (V) from Nandoli village, Kanduyi constituency, was born on February 15, 1941...
  7. Dereva

    Banking crisis

    So what is the name of this bank that went under? Niko mashinani and it's like hakuna mtu anaelewa
  8. Dereva

    Elder statesman

    The mzee @Meria Mata is MIA today. Kari Kiiii????
  9. Dereva


    Fifteen minutes into the game and Chelsea are two goals ahead..... wonders will never cease
  10. Dereva

    Atheist wameamua

    copied from 'Nation Fm' Atheists have moved to court in a bid to challenge the government’s declaration of Thursday as national holiday terming the move as unconstitutional. Through their organization, Atheists in Kenya, their president, Harrison Mumia, has filed a case at the High Court...
  11. Dereva

    Ati god is dead

    Self-proclaimed god Jehovah Wanyonyi is dead Though the family of the 98-year-old insists that the father of more than 95 and husband to many is still alive, local administrators say Mr Wanyonyi died on July 18. The leaders say Wanyonyi died as he was being taken to the hospital in Kitale after...
  12. Dereva

    Kagame cup final

    Almost half-time na Azam wako mbele na bao moja
  13. Dereva

    Seeking sympathy

    Me think this guy on Citizen TV claiming that he is a PhD student and has resorted to tea picking due to lack of employment is pulling our legs. Mbicha sina...lakini ilikua kwa news.
  14. Dereva

    Miss Embu beauty contest

    The one in blue was the winner
  15. Dereva

    Kuna party leo

    Guys i'm throwing a party today. Nimepata promotion to new villager...oops sorry, villager