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  1. kenyan_mafia

    Good Internet

    Which ISP is the best for remote locations Who has used Hai
  2. kenyan_mafia

    Steam for PES 2018

    Got PES 2018 but its not opening bringing this error of Steam. Any solutions watu wa IT?
  3. kenyan_mafia

    HAI Internet VS TELKOM

    Which should i go for if i need unlimited internet? Your views
  4. kenyan_mafia


    Watu wa IT Who knows how to unlock Faiba mi-fi E5573Cs-933 please?
  5. kenyan_mafia

    Faimba 4g

    Who can recommend this. I hear its unlocked all networks + faiba For 8500
  6. kenyan_mafia

    Faiba 4g

    Hii faiba kama iko na hotspot town how far in kilometres does it go for me to use faiba 4g mi-fi from ????
  7. kenyan_mafia


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  8. kenyan_mafia

    Till number

    Need a safaricom till number for buy goods and servives as an individual .. how do you pay for this. Wanakata ngapi?
  9. kenyan_mafia

    4 g LTE usb modem

    Does the 4g lte usb modem work well(inashika 4g) in non 4g regions
  10. kenyan_mafia


    Guys can one change the email address in ecitizen to a new email address?
  11. kenyan_mafia


    For those who are well versed with Networking. Do i have to put these ubiquitous devices at two places to get internet. Or do i just need to connect one to my laptop and get wifi access?
  12. kenyan_mafia


    Hey good people where can i get computer peripherals in bulk like usb earphones etc phone chargers here in Nairobi?