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  1. Kimakia

    Referendum before 2022

    Ni referendum ya nini tena RAO anasema will be done before 2022. Is it the same as BBI.Pls help me andastand
  2. Kimakia

    I need protection

    @admin, you know it is never that serious, but it becomes serious when such members drop me such texts, whether old or recent it sends bad chill on me. I know this must be @kanguthu other handle.Please warn him.
  3. Kimakia

    Where did this investor go wrong?

    What is he doing wrong currently? I think pesa mob imelala in those yards inform of scrap metal. Watu wa akanyal,the link is safe sana.
  4. Kimakia


    Why are people so engrossed with the US elections. Now my FB and Whatsapp are filled with a not so old beautiful woman sijui chosen by who to be a running mate. Who are they and how do their political ambitions affect my sorry ass which is miles away from their continent. Hapa nyumbani things...
  5. Kimakia

    Watu ni wabaya aki

    Tuko mahali tunakula kanyama.Najuu huwa hatuipimii iko mingi,sasa kila passer by anataka kuonja. Mmoja ashanawa na kujipoxi anakula akitupea story za vile Sonko amehaicwo na Uhuru kisiasa,vile Murathe ata determine the next kingpin.Sasa one member ananikuna huku chini akiniambia tulipishe huyo...
  6. Kimakia

    Ile video or media section ilienda wapi?

    There used to be a section where one could upload videos to ktalk then share the video link with talkers. Iko wapi? Otherwise anytime i want to educate talkers through videos napata haka ka message whenever i try to upload it. The attachment is barely 2mbs kwani mlitoka kwa buckets za AWS
  7. Kimakia


    Nilidhani ulikuwa mzaha when someone said this Dr. Ken Ouko chewed his female students mercilessly. Well one of them confirms the rumours Am here asking myself,what will people know me for after am gone to heaven!!!
  8. Kimakia

    Ndeiya at it again

    This time Kiambu Governor and other senior members in government had to run for their dear lives after Morans descended on them,whipping them mercilessly till Kajiado governor Ole Lenku had to be called to quell the Moran's anger.I am not sure what had angered them. @Motokubwa may be one of...
  9. Kimakia

    I need help

    How to identify the owner of a vehicle.It sped off after causing an accident. I have no access to TIMS
  10. Kimakia

    New Cheki maneno route

    Off late kuna wezi wengi wa bike. I have no riding buddy unless @kanguthu is willing to become one. My ask is,from Kiambu rd,which route is safe both from bike snatchers and careless motorists. I hope to cover 60km tomorrow outside my usual place which is Karura.
  11. Kimakia


    Tafadhali badilisha hii handle to something better.Anajiita @NacumWalai ....Spare me a little,we need to have some decorum
  12. Kimakia


    @Azor Ahai najaribu kuingia huu mtaa kama sitafanikiwa kwenda kuishi Nyanyuki au Nyandarua.That is why I have to network.Waona sasa
  13. Kimakia

    DMungai wacha hizo bwana

    @D.... Mungai wacha kuhepa bwana.Nimekuona nikakusalimia na ukaamukira salamu then uka realize I must be a talker ukaangalia the other way.I am still close to where ume park. Kubali nije hapo tuongee biashara. It is not true what they say about me here.Just wanna talk business.
  14. Kimakia

    Wadau...mmeona hii

    Hakuna kurudi kuwa pissant tena ukifanikiwa kuingia bunge.
  15. Kimakia

    This shriek

    She kept me glued to the entire "The Soprano" Sexy as Fck and calm. There was also Paulie and Christopher who thrilled the moments.
  16. Kimakia

    Admin niko na swali

    Mimi hupata likes kama 1 handred in a day na ni kama sijui kwenye zinaenda,kwani unajiwekea zingine. Can you add an analytic tool on our profile to help visualize our activities around.Kuna post natafuta na imekuwa ngumu kupata pia coz i can't remember the words used but what I remember is that...
  17. Kimakia

    Question talkers

    What was his handle before he changed to @LuandaMagere ?
  18. Kimakia

    Ni kama huwa mnaonea Konyagi

    He says his govt has done more than all the previous administration.Sikutaka kusoma nijue kama ni development-wise or looting-wise
  19. Kimakia


    I miss him/her.Has she/he changed?
  20. Kimakia

    Well,the hate on black is visibly too much

    A jungu says what is in his mind without caring. Does Canada have this kind of people,I have interests there.