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  1. paparazzi

    It's hilarious how women double down on thirst traps when they approach or hit the wall

    Macho zinakaa ya mtu ako on arv diet.
  2. paparazzi

    Embarrassing Moments

    Rafiki bank app is also very unreliable, bure kabisa
  3. paparazzi

    Rwandese lady abandoned and conned by Kenyan husband update

    Is there an update here from the Rwandese woman or its some stupid woman talking about the same case. Stoopid
  4. paparazzi

    Kahawa West youth confront POLICE

    Stapol alisemaje
  5. paparazzi

    Adult Birth Certificate

    Are your parents alive? Rudi ocha mahali ulizaliwa uone chief, it will be picked from there
  6. paparazzi

    vipingo development kilifi good or bad decision

    Forget the naysayers, you are onto something here
  7. paparazzi

    Pigeon Jailed In India For Spying For Pakistan

    Largely sue to religious reasons, Pakistan was part of the larger India before the British granted each state their indipendence.
  8. paparazzi

    Nyandarua potatoes

    Shangi (sp) ya Nyandarua are the best for fries.
  9. paparazzi

    Better Call Saul

    Hio kizungu utaizoea tu after like one episode. It's a really great series
  10. paparazzi

    Better Call Saul

    I have been watching Peaky Blinders over the weekend. Great series too
  11. paparazzi

    Better Call Saul

    You need to watch Breaking Bad to get a better context of the movie you are currently watching
  12. paparazzi

    Explicit Club Liddos Live.

    Inaendelea hadi sas hii
  13. paparazzi

    The thrilling story of fake cop Joshua Waiganjo

    A rogue polive reservist. He was hanged to dry after serving his purpose
  14. paparazzi

    Sports pesa CEO rear ended!

    I have an 88 swb as well. Great thing
  15. paparazzi

    Netflix sucks

  16. paparazzi

    kudinyana c and p

    I remember this somewhere, hehe