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  1. dannyco

    Getting indexed by google

    Hello villagers, getting your blog/site indexed by google is termed by many as something that has to do with time and some even say you have to write a specific amount of words per post to get indexed. This is always an headache to many, including me when I started affiliate marketing with no...
  2. dannyco

    Masaibu ya chelsea...

    Just what is going wrong at Chelsea..?
  3. dannyco

    purchasing a budget laptop for light tasks only.

    Talkers,am considering buying an ASUS X553MA notebook, for those who have used this machine,wat are the pros and cons? it bears almost similar features with lenovo G30-50, although lenovo's celeron processor is way slower than intel for the ASUS.are there better options? it goes for around 30k.
  4. dannyco

    Atletico madrid vs real madrid

    Ancelotti can edge over simeone leo.what are your views.??
  5. dannyco

    acha kulia ati wakenya hawana pesa, ni wewe huna

    so these beasts are around?? ""
  6. dannyco

    Record holding sniper in history for the longest confirmed hit.

    Rob Furlong, A former corporal of the Canadian Forces, he holds the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in history at 2,430 meters. This amazing feat occurred in 2002, when he was involved in Operation Anaconda. His Sniper Team consisted of 2 Corporals and 3 Master Corporals. When a...
  7. dannyco

    That must have been disgusting..

    Nina Dobrev Disgusted: Forced To Kiss Ian Somerhalder For The Vampire Diaries season 6 after their break up. "//"
  8. dannyco

    Is your instagram and facebook also Down?

    Could it be due to the New York ice storm?? thought my Net was down but tried with a different machine and browser bt same results. Who has any idea whats up?
  9. dannyco

    Good news team Arsenal

    Gabriel paulista is undergoing a medical examination today after Wenger said he is so close to making the signing Official:):)
  10. dannyco

    FA cup shocks

    Are arsenal going to go through or tutaendelea kuona Maajabu?? Naona Ozil has made it 2-1