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  1. Solo_Mon

    I need help tackling this question on Shares/Return on Investments

    I hope you're all having a fantastic evening guyz. My afternoon has been hectic trying to google this question to no results and its due tomorrow. If you can aid, please feel free. thank you ! . @M2Random uses a 20% hatch system of timing when to invest in a stock market. In a given year, the...
  2. Solo_Mon

    Advice specializing in computer networking

    For the I.T gurus in here who have majored in computer networking i.e switches, routers and cisco, how would you advice someone who wants to join the ranks? Do I start with CBT nuggets, fundamentals or cisco or which one? Asante sanna. Or I.T techies where dd u specialize? Web design, graphics...
  3. Solo_Mon

    I.T Student seeking attachment/intern

    Happy Easter, I.T student in Nairobi at Moi University looking for internship in any organization. Course done is Bachelor of Business Information Technology. Any recommendation or assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you. (
  4. Solo_Mon

    Is There An Argument for the existence of GOD ?

    Morning k-talkers, The other day Mark Zuckerberg said he is no longer an atheist and has henceforth fully embraced religion. Donald Trump also said that he looks up to Jesus Christ as his personal savior. I was also an atheist for many years seeking answers which i finally found in my religion...