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    Kujenga a three Bedroom House

    Things have been tough and I have decided enough is enough. landlord amenizoea. I have a small piece(quarter of an acre) in Kitengela which am considering putting up a simple two/Three bedroom for the family(me wife and daughter 4 years). am looking at a simple house simple finish actually just...
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    Breastfeeding two kids

    Wadau. am a disturbed man. we have a two year old, now recently we were blessed with our second born. the other day I came to realise madam has been continuously breastfeeding even when she was paged. now both kids share the same breastmilk..its just disgusting and embarrassing when in public...
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    Maanzoni expose!!

    @Guru you combat jacket gave you away. @Meria Mata and team your classified location unclassified. now cropping out faces from cctv footage.......
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    terrible taste in women

    @derro. we need irreducible minimum for posting photos here. macho iko chafu. yani with all the fine ladies in this Nairobi, some niccurs pay for Baloteli looking bitches.
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    Cant access my handle

    Shitty downgrade. many elders still locked out. Hii ni hujumaaaa.