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  1. Lucky_Luciano

    Kupigwa equator Jamii forum

    Nimeambiwa thie ukiumaga! lakini admin ameniambia kwa upole na ukarimu at first nikathani anataka kunifanya elder.
  2. Lucky_Luciano

    Betting thread ni ghost town

    watu wa betting ni nini kiwasikitishacho. The last update on betting thread was June 15, kwani ni kubaya ivo? prediction kings where you @? Disclaimer: nimepost hapa intentionally juu huko hakuna mtu
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    The following are SACCOS in full participation and solidarity 1. NDUTHI SACCO - PATRON SAINT: @kush yule mnono 2. MAFISI SACCO Patron saint: @rollout 3. PEASANTS SACCO patron saint: @Terrence_ 4. UNDER 18 SACCO Patron saint: @Mzee mzima 5. BILLIONAIRE SACCO patron saint...
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  5. Lucky_Luciano

    Toyota Crown Royal saloon

    Hi guys anybody with insights on this machine. I've been seeing them a lot on the road nowadays and also why is the pricing that low. Nimeona mbili so far today year 2007,2500cc zinauzwa 950k. Whats the catch apart from high fuel consumption. i.e performance wise ni gari ya mashida mob au...
  6. Lucky_Luciano

    Maintenance free car battery

    Guys with info where can i get an affordable maintenance free car battery
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    Where can i get new R14 tyres at an affordable price. Saidieni tafathali
  8. Lucky_Luciano


    Being one with nature. Lets all go green. Hapan tambua tissue na gazeti
  9. Lucky_Luciano

    Double chance

    Hi guys can somebody please expound to me about double chance and does it apply kwa sport pesa?
  10. Lucky_Luciano

    Shark Tank: Kenyan version

    For those who've watched Shark tank, can this really work in Kenya? Imagine Njoro the mutura guy asking for 10k for a 45% stake or baite asking for 3k in his mogoka biz. Hilarious!
  11. Lucky_Luciano

    My New Year Resolutions 2016

    i was tryin to make some resolutions for 2016 and oh my! They are the same ones recycling since 2013 just better packaged n worded.(try save more, stop smoking, reduce fobe......blablabla. Have you made resolutions for 2016 and did you attain the ones for 2015?
  12. Lucky_Luciano

    Do we really tithe?

    So this Sunday I went to church after a long time (probably 5 years ago) it was tithing Sunday. It got me thinking do we really give 10% ( fungu la kumi) ama unapeana ile iko? Say for example you earn 100k do you give 10k as tithe? Kwa sababu zile bahasha niliona za tithe zilikuwa nyebamba sana...