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    I present to you the Angel of War SARAH ACHIENG, tume train nae kutoka SOS buru akianza, coach Priest hapo, tukaenda Bangu and we still going strong, she holds 3belts by the way
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    Niko na na introfat tuna hesabiwa zone

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    Colombo na census

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    kuna ka njeve bana, lets do some oldies when we could pirate n do the electric boogie, who remembers dis big tune, UPTOWN TOP RANKING, on the am still in love you boy riddim, @jumabekavu @kush yule mnono @Meria Mata
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    Sophia joy Kane extra ni 180 na kibao ni 200

    Priss, mfike kabla bei ipande, +Kuna wafanykazi wasuri, moja ni midget but very horizontal y able, picha ni za usiku so msiulize, cc stas
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    The Kenya Professional Boxing Commission is at least doing something lately due to some adjustments made recently, we had the Nairobi open and other good tournaments run with quite some good organization this year, thanks to the new leadership (JAMAL) we see, also we so some old school boxers...
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    Bushman and Luciano (Kabali man, the messanger)

    The two have a great voice resemblance and they both conscious and hate shit like whats goin on in kenya, them rich taking bread from di poor mans mouth, and its man a eat flesh, so fire burn a weaked. NOW LISTEN SOME GOOD MIX FROM the two, they quite for meditation not for party
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    Watoto wa SOPHIA

    Am just here, @stascream kuja
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    Colombo is heading to Kisumu city,

    Nitume mini ama picha nikikamua mudfish Mesani, RUMXB na Stan b na ondes napitia, @mokanika na @uwesmake niletee nyingi mumi
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    BOXING FANS: AJ vs BigBaby Miller could be in Jeopardy

    after reports "MILLER HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR THE POWERFUL FAT-BURNING BANNED SUBSTANCE CARDARINE ( GW-1516 ) WHICH TURNS FAT INTO ENERGY. " THIS WAS GOING TO BE a very interesting fight due to the match up of the two styles, miller being very explosive and powerfull while AJ being the train who...
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    HP Probook 440G do know, but can run run Adobe family, budget 25000

    Cmara, Blutoth, Dfdi etc, nikipata chini ya hiyo nita furahii sana, @Electronics4u do you have something better
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    Fight night on

    Simulation has issues, hekaya later sides email picha, Achanione game ya 1
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    Sunday Dawn will be a great fight ERROL SPENCE JNR VS MICKEY GARCIA, is a hot match you need to watch if you have the chance, mine is to remind you we have a good bout, I am a Team MAN DOWN "Spence" this is a guy who has proven himself as a very tough fighter, who is never deterred by even heavy...
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    Take the poll

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    Just found David Rodigan documentary which is really intriguing, picks history in the back days in England when SUS laws existed and how much of the carrebean immigrants brought big tunes to England, we have big bands and artist from England due to the events and situations that took place in...
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    Boxing - FURY vs DEONTAY

    I really wanted the fight for Dontay, but the ods are stuck againt Him, start with Reach, Fury still tall n i feel has longer arms, Weight........................ sijui Dontay aliamua round hii anakula Truffles za Webdev na Kabuda baada ya zoezi, Speed, Fury is equally fast with his whole body...
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    LETS ALL PRAY FOR OUR BROTHER @Lab assist, @lab assistant @lab

    Hope ur all well n doing good, just wanted you guyz to remember one of our villagers since Klist times, @Lab had a serious accident about 2 years ago and this has really grounded him for long since then, due the accident metal plates had to be inserted to help support the injured leg, the plates...
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    JOHN BONES JONES, the slayer of DC an Gustaff, he is innocent

    me thinks the guy is being fixed out of UFC so history gets made by Irish man, Before game uko sawa then why take a supplement that almost lasts 3 months and reaction begins later, Johnes was fixed, them not like him , Like Tyron Woodley says, cc @Grundy @uwesmake @WuTang and others, halaf...
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    SUPER SOUL TRAIN foundation ati KODI ama HODI dance

    check foundations where this chupid kids stole the rhythm as we go back to back, hii ni squard ya mature people, @Abba @pseudonym @Meria Mata and other back to back people, when a was a boy, SuperSoul was for Friday, enjoy the train