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    TBT. Nairobi public transport

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    Engineers Kujeni huku

    Elevated roads are the future in cities.
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    Kitenge shirt ni territory marker

    Why so much hate for the boots?
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    Also look at Ombado who reportedly slaughtered sharon and her baby, then went ahead to steal billions from migori residents. Look at those burning old people in kisii and the coast while calling them witches. Those sleeping with the dead in nyanza for cleansing ceremonies. The bow and arrow...
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    I support the "mother tongue category". African languages are at the verge of extinction due to Europeans/foreigners terming them as "shenzi/primitive languages". Sad to see that many Kenyans especially from the mountain do not teach their kids their native language. Language is an integral...
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    Those steep roofs are meant for areas that get snow so that the snow can easily slide to the ground to prevent overburdening and collapsing the roof. But in Kenya you do not need such a steep roof. A 22 degree roof is adequate. But in Trumpstan, you may need >40 degree roofs due to the climate.
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    Is Range Rover a 4x4?

    Seems only Toyotas are 4x4s.
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    Toyota Kluger

    I am seeing alot of these RX450h hybrid vehicles. I hope the batteries ziko sawa.
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    Toyota Kluger

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    Corona itatumaliza bana

    In Dubai the fine is Ksh 90,000 (3000 UAE Dirham) for not wearing a mask or refusing to social distance, wash hands.
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    Man swallowed by snake
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    Comparing life in India vs Kenya

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    Corona itatumaliza bana

    Those mzungus are the real bonobos who cant follow simple instructions to prevent covid despite the pleas by the authorities.
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    Top 10 African countries with the highest Chinese debt

    Debts are not bad if used wisely. Even at a personal you need to take a mortgage, car loan, education loan, asset finance loan, business loan, construction loan etc for you to "develop". A country also needs loans to build roads, railways, dams, ports to facilitate and uplift the lives of the...
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    Pumwani my thoughts

    We were about 1m in 1890 but if you read books written at the time by explorers like Stanley you will find that there were still problems then. The maasai with their herds of cattle roamed the lowlands/grasslands from arusha to lake baringo.. The chaga, taita, kikuyu, kipsigis, tugen etc were...
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    Flying on a Boat

    In kenya use of airports is better option. But for some areas like maldives islands and remote areas in alaska, canada etc with no runways or having rough terrain, sea planes are used.
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    Shipping container swimming

    Pale Game Stores, Garden city and karen they sell these at 20k.
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    Pumwani my thoughts

    Meanwhile its parte after parte for the guy in charge. Health is devolved.