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    TBT. Nairobi public transport

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    Is Range Rover a 4x4?

    Seems only Toyotas are 4x4s.
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    Man swallowed by snake
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    Comparing life in India vs Kenya

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    Old school reunion

    :DCopied: Old School Re Union 1. The guka They appear older, greying heads and all. They can be mistaken for your paternal uncle or like they were 10 classes ahead. There is shock if you introduce them as former class mates for the crowfeet around their eyes. They have some missing teeth...
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    Why are most houses in the US made of wood, not mawe?

    No wonder they are always destroyed by hurricanes.
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    Export business idea

    Will they allow my product into their market?
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    Three presidential escort officers among suspects arrested at Sudi's home

    This is very disturbing. So arror sent his men to protect sudi/ sneak him out? Three armed presidential security men were found at the home of Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi during a...
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    Karen hospital sues patient for Ksh 23 million The Karen Hospital has taken to court one of its patients who has been abandoned by her family over a Sh23 million medical bill. The Hospital wants Jackyline Nelima Mutaki who was admitted on...
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    Miguna amemalisa Baba Abby