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  1. Kemoi

    The True meaning of "kusalimiana"

    Bonobos ni funny, mnaanza kujitusi tu out of nowhere:D You are both brown teethed barbarians:D
  2. Kemoi

    18+ I wish I knew.

    Lesson number 11: don't fucking believe anything here, trust in you and do whatever damn makes you happy. You make your own choices.
  3. Kemoi

    Wanaume, BOXER mliachia vijana wadogo ama ni mimi tu???

    With those things it feels like summer down there
  4. Kemoi

    18+ Tembea Parklands

  5. Kemoi

    How Anyone Can Start Online Business?

    In real tears:D:D:D
  6. Kemoi

    News zenye huwa kwa opera mini app

    Tumia opera and disable news notification. Hakuna click baits.
  7. Kemoi

    Oscar Sudi and William Ruto caught asleep on the job

    Enda vie hiyo kiti ndo upangie hao cemetery
  8. Kemoi

    18+ Tembea Parklands

    :D:D:D Kuna wimbo yake
  9. Kemoi

    Kama sipati slices nani tembea

    How idle are you?
  10. Kemoi

    Huyu Analilia Uhuru

    :D:D:D sheenzi sana
  11. Kemoi


    I hate such kind of ignorance, how can such a grown up make such filthy statement when the lady who gave birth was being carried by her husband on his hands, you get it fool, on his hands.
  12. Kemoi

    Explicit Ladies!

    It's points not likes,100 points you are an elder. Ghaseer!
  13. Kemoi

    Trump bans tiktok and WeChat.

    I say it's a good move. I hate the app. Kenya should follow suite. The app promotes moral decay in the society.
  14. Kemoi

    Sir God Haezi Kufanyia Kila Kitu. At Some point, personal intelligence matters

    If it was me I would have said "forgive me lord, for I have sinned, for the temptation is so great."
  15. Kemoi

    The best advice I ever gave myself.

    :D:D hutaki hii maneno ama ni Nini boss.
  16. Kemoi

    18+ Tumsifu

  17. Kemoi

    18+ Tumsifu

    Damn:D:D:D My bad, thought WAP was wapi.
  18. Kemoi

    f**k you Admin

    :D:D F you!