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  1. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

    Boss, my Friend, never recommend the Pocophone to a person who matters to you! So many corners cut and many sacrifices made to make that phone that filthy cheap!
  2. Soprano

    Africa Is Only Just "A Cemetery" For Africans, I agree.

    An insult to Dangote and Chandaria.
  3. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

  4. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

    Hapa tu Arusha! And just drop huo u-CSI, my Friend! :D:D:D
  5. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

  6. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

    I am still tempted to buy it as it is. If a young gentleman who is flirting and courting with my Naomi MIX agrees to give me the dowery... I mean the down payment, I think it will be my next big thing, literally! Ksh 40,000
  7. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

    Honors are generally good. But zile mimi natamani hazina networks za hapa na ziko intended to "zero graze" in China only. Eg, the Honor Note 8 and the newer Honor Note 10.
  8. Soprano

    Xiaomi Enthusiasts

    Every Naomi is a good Naomi. But some are "more" better than others. If you can, chagua zile zinaitwa MI rather than Redmi. Jaribu hii hapa 1/1 Xiaomi...
  9. Soprano

    Look at these school kids!

    Eti Wamemaliza mtihani, so Thīga nī arua!!!
  10. Soprano

    Baba followers,hehehe!

  11. Soprano

    A low-profile, Chinese handset maker has taken over Africa’s mobile market

    By Abdi Latif Dahir in Addis AbabaAugust 30, 2018 The first African facility for the Chinese phone maker Transsion Holdings is tucked away in a nondescript area, down an unpaved road in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Here, several hundred employees sit in low plastic stools in neat assembly...
  12. Soprano

    What is happening here ?

    Looks like Tanzania to me.
  13. Soprano

    E23 TD27

    The TD engine huwekelewa kwa e23 na inafanya kazi, alright. But inakuwa very squeezed kwa kuwa sd23 engine is significantly smaller than the TD engine and so it does not leave enough room for @introvert to work with ease. Huwa kuna TD23, td25, TD27 na QD32. All these engines look the same. The...
  14. Soprano

    Alshabaab Kidnap Italian citizen

    This Kilifi county should be split in two! If the said village is 80 kilometres from Malindi, then be informed that it is a whole 150 kilometres from kilifi town, the county Headquarters. Malindi town overshadows Kilifi town in so many areas.
  15. Soprano

    Tanzania starts operation to charge borehole owners illegal water

    Hata Kenya we are supposed to be regulated on this one. But Tanzania, seriously! Ndikwaria mūno thingo cia TZ nī cirī matū! Niko hapa kwao Arusha na kabaridi ka asubuhi. Lakini nakwambia haki ya Mungu gūkū ti gūkene!
  16. Soprano

    Raila inspired me

    Oh! Please don't, my good Friend!
  17. Soprano

    E23 TD27

    By the way, hii gari ilikuwa moto sana. Hata Toyota Hiace ilipoingia ilibandikwa jina 'nissan', some were calling it nissan Toyota! I call it the pioneer, the gatwendithirii. Nostalgia, buddies!
  18. Soprano

    E23 TD27

    Zapatikana. By the way, e23 engine sio TD27 as the title of this thread reads. Engine ni any of these... Sd23, diesel Z20, petrol Z16, petrol Some had the NA20 petrol. E24, e25 ni models za gari. Sio engine.
  19. Soprano

    @abba, Pitia Hapa

    Vs the Mobius...?
  20. Soprano

    E23 TD27

    Gatwendithirii. :cool: