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  1. Kingshasnashi

    Any new kuma joints in town

    sounds like a weather man,Kudos Ninja!!!!
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    18+ Dating someone with a child

    really!!!! no one is perfect, but the grace of God does make us reach perfection may he make reach to this near perfect lady.Inshallah
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    Form ni gani na hii Solai Tragedy case?

    no the people involved (having lost everything) unless funded will not make it to nairobi due to poverty and discrimination .its only fair that the case is heard and determined near the victims and lets have media covering the hearing despite the location nor the citizen class.,....................
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    okay am not one heshima.

    okay am not one heshima.
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    Low budget Commuting bike

    Hiyo yamaha ttr ni mangapi@introvert
  7. Kingshasnashi

    Low budget Commuting bike

    Hello i have been thinking of a better way to commute and save time.i would wish to get a dual bike though i dont know kama ntafika bei my budget is 150k,can i get some advice and some refferals too.mostly on waiyaki way and ngong road.
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    Fundi jilete. Kuna sabuni

    Hizi lights uliundiwa ama bado
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    SAT TV

  10. Kingshasnashi

    SAT TV

    which is the best eaay stray tv sat to install with a 90 cm dish.more concerned with family content and news channell
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    Kenya government broke

    Now i believe the gava is broke,i am a civil sufferer and salo ya july bado ya august inasemekana itachelewa,remittances za loan ,insurance and others bado hazitimizwa so in short the Kenyan gov is broke,sijui landlord wangu ntamhepa aje hii mwezi ,on that note mtu ana kajob naweza chapa come...
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    Fuel VAT tax 16%

    Its time we realize that all people in government care less of wanjiku.Its time for us to rise against this impunity and unite together tugomee kazi na pia tugomee hiyo mafuta;i know it wont be easy but suppose we went into a boycott of this fuel and be ready to suffer for a week of limited...
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    Hey music lovers

    tafuta torch browser and you can grab anything media