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  1. kanguthu

    VAR ni umeffi

    Has denied wolves a clear goal and awarded liverfools an undeserved goal. Meffi ya kuku.
  2. kanguthu

    Arsenal bure kama joti za panya

    Wanakamuliwa vile wamezoea meanwhile their supporters kama ile panya ya bandora ni matusi tu na kugawa kinyambis. Kuna jamaa hapo anaitwa Nelson, mshuto ya punda. Pia chelshit wanaona moto. Hopeless.
  3. kanguthu

    What made you quit?

    For those who used to drink alcohol but no longer do, what made you quit the bottle? For me alcohol has taken me through rough paths and embarrassing moments. I remember throwing up on the table full of wazees when I was still a rocky in the business of imbibing to an almost death experience...
  4. kanguthu

    Digi na babake digi

    Reaching for his babad precious jewels
  5. kanguthu

    It's On, Trump against the Mexican drug cartels.

    After 9 US citizens were killed in Mexico in what is believed to have been a case of mistaken identity hit. Shot at and burnt in their car. Msito Trump amesema its time for these cartels to be wiped off the face of the world. Talk is cheap, these guys have the Mexican government by its balls...
  6. kanguthu

    Us aviation safety hearing. Paul Njoroge tells them as it is.

    He lost 3 kids, wife and mother in law. He says Boeing has not showed any remorse, put profit ahead of safety and later tried to blame it on 'local pilots error'. Said all this in a Congress hearing unfortunately no representative from Boeing was present. Really moving.
  7. kanguthu

    Cow therapy

    Sisi wakulima mashinani tuko na shinda na tunataka serikali itusaindie. On Tuesday, while Atwoli and Co were barking lying to the poor workers at Uhuru park my cow was on heat. Tried to contact the local vet for AI services but the fucker was nowhere on the digital spectrum, guess he was...
  8. kanguthu

    cc Deorro and Co.

    First thanks for giving us this village, it has been a source of inspiration and knowledge. I know you are like a god here with powers to decide who stays and who leaves also able to elevate simple truck drivers to village chief status. I want the title of " village sponsor " Why? You may ask...
  9. kanguthu

    Asali kwa guiness

    Nimenunua asali ya mia kutoka kwa Masai arafu akaniwekea kidogo kwa Guinness yenye nakunyua. Are there any side effects wadau? Since its a slow sunday as we wait for arsenal to disappoint as usual.
  10. kanguthu

    Zambezi chronicles nimeland kwa hii shithole ya president Edgar

    What I have seen so far; All the women wametoa tint, Most men look drunk, The whole town stinks of sweat and rotten food, a real shit hole Am in lusaka
  11. kanguthu

    Today being a Sunday

    I never drink on Sundays but today I find myself in my local drinking cold beers all alone, why,only the devil knows. I try to initiate small talk with njeri the bar maid but she is really in a bad mood so I am left with my own thoughts wondering; Why does the sun look bigger at sunrise and...
  12. kanguthu

    Portugal vs chile

    CR7 vs Sanchez. Bye bye Chile.
  13. kanguthu

    To village mechanics and others in the know

    Somebody's jalopy can't start. Its a 1.6ltr engine with a carburetor. Spark-check, fuel flow-check, the problem is that its not sucking air by the carburetor. Thought it is flooded but when u cover the carb it's pushing air out instead of sucking it. What could be the cause? Saidieni plis...
  14. kanguthu

    How do I

    Stop this mongrel from shitting everywhere in the compound and climbing ontop of the kanguthu automobile at night? Get rid of this sore throat that is making my Sunday so boring? Love my Mwks bastard, God knows I have tried. I just put up with his shit so I can bang the mother's sweet ass.
  15. kanguthu

    So Senegal watembeze kiatu

    And guess who sold them, and guess what team he plays for in the Epl and guess what happened to that team earlier today? Was so convinced Senegal was the team this time.. Going to rub one out then I sleep. f**k football.
  16. kanguthu

    Got $1500US to spend

    And I want to go and see the pyramids of Egypt or the mighty Victoria Falls of the Zambezi. I got the whole of January to do either. So should I take the boat ride down the Nile or should I hike and head south. Mawaidha please na mahaters mkae kado. Thanks in advance
  17. kanguthu

    The guba guba

    As misery and and poverty continues to affect Zimbabwe, most of the citizens are leaving the country to the neighboring S Africa and Botswana. Majority of them opt to use un gazzetted border points and that's where they fall prey to guba gubas. These are hoodlums who wait at the no mans land...
  18. kanguthu

    Most soul wrenching hekaya award goes to....

    Kabuda For his hekaya on how as a freshman from the boat huko majuu he was befriended by one Waweru, happened to go to bed together and was surprised the following morning to find cum on his butt Crack. Since then he has slept with countless women and fathered numerous bastards in an effort to...
  19. kanguthu

    France vs Republic of Ireland

    Best game of Uefa euro2016 I have watched so far. Amazing come back for France, 3 goals in, a red card and still more than 20 mins to go.
  20. kanguthu

    Leicester city

    Upsetting manchieth big time and winning the league. Ranieri 9 months Champion Wenger 12 years excuses