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  1. Chinja

    Wife material

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
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    The latest con game in Kenya

    Report to 333 When you receive suspicious and fake messages forward the numbers via SMS to 333. This message is free. Notify Safaricom of imposters and suspicious branded links/websites/social media handles. Do not share any personal details with anyone on such platforms. Reporting helps to...
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    The rock support shit

    Children can be goofy. It is part of growing up.
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    Use of mirrors for safe lane changing

  5. Chinja

    Fire safety training

  6. Chinja

    CJ declines gift from senator

    Conflict of interest.
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    Denzel Washington

    Top 10 movies
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    Indlamu izingoma - African Dance

  9. Chinja

    Frog eats snake

  10. Chinja

    Mp resigns after sucking tiddy on zoom meeting

    Make sure you log off...
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    Bullet Ant bite as rite of passage

  12. Chinja

    Health benefits of ginger

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    Rambo Last Blood

    Forging instruments of death.
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    18+ Xhosa circumcision

    Nat Geo
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    Worst head on collisions

    Viewer discretion
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    Msee wa duthi

    Head on collision!
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    Crash test fails

    Unsafe vehicles
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    What do you wish you knew or did in early 20s

    You live, you learn
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    Car Dealers: Onyo Kali

    Pro tip No.8
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    bridgestone vs goodyear vs maxxis

    How to choose the best tyres for your car.