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    Man Has Discovered Nothing. Electricity, Nuclear Fussion Etc Are All Natural Occurrences

    Hi, everybody. I believe that the resistor plays a very important role in working with electricity. My brother had a firm. A huge company that sells various products. Once they had a short circuit in their office and the main office caught fire, miraculously managed to survive. But the documents...
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    10 day detox

    Detox and diet are both good plans to clean up your body from excess toxins. Personally do twice per year, spring and winter. I have already a plan for each season and tried different options. Natural/organic/herb/seed oil are the best ones for me. One options is a must because it's considered...
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    Magufuli has a PhD in Chemistry

    I am also looking to start a PhDs programme. I would really like actually to get that degree. However i am not yet really sure about the domain i would be taking it. I mean, i am sure about the fact that i want it in the STEM domain (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). However i...
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    Instagram copies Tiktok.. Copycat?

    TikTok is fun, but you see that there is everything based on charismatic and emotional entertainment without any of common sense. Seriously, for me it's crap as I never seen before. Some people have millions of views just because people like nonsense. What I like is to express my life experience...
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    Laptop advice

    I agree Dell is good. Alternative Asus - they are really amazing. Check YouTube videos on their models. Many are good for gaming and video editing. I have Asus with ryzen 5 and 16 gb ddr4 2.666 mhz plus GeForce 1050 Ti. For 500$ the best possible option. Only one thing I encountered is the Fan...
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    Men and depression

    How, I hate these books, they are limited by their own perception and mind, sincerely - except personal perception what they have more? Where their truth comes from!? Guts, Head? They all ended bad. Freud also, with all respect to people. I read so many books and saw many YouTube videos...
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    CBD today

    These are clearly not toys
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    Wamezidi na doping

    I agree, it's cliché! This story is old as the world. My personal view is that I would not use for myself to win. It would not be even better to win a guy with hard work when those guys are walking toxic barrels? One thing for me can be example of exception in comparison with everything else...
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    Doctor Saves Traveler's Life by Sucking Urine from Man's Bladder During Mid-Flight Emergency

    Ooh he could die if the doctor didn't help him. The doctor did a great job because this procedure can be done only in surgery, not on blankets on the floor in an area towards the back of the plane. 800 milliliters of urine from the man’s blocked bladder is a lot of liquid, I think he had a...