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  1. Kemoi

    Too much internet and idling time, any suggestions on how best I should spend this wisely

    I welcome any criticism also. Would really be grateful for some helpful comments.
  2. Kemoi

    Boyfriend vs male bestie

  3. Kemoi

    Explicit Wale wa "Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka" kujeni kidogo

    This cannot qualify to be in comparison na zile light skin za @D.... Mungai big up men.
  4. Kemoi

    Trump bans tiktok and WeChat.

    I say it's a good move. I hate the app. Kenya should follow suite. The app promotes moral decay in the society.
  5. Kemoi

    Thanks administrator

    Indeed @mobi was banned. @BADASS our demand was met. Truman capote is better than him. Naona @AntiAtheismo wants him to be unbanned. Haikosi he's one and the same mobi.
  6. Kemoi

    Tobi and kobi

    Hizi kienyeji zinanimaliza bana!
  7. Kemoi

    Too much sex will cloud your judgement .

    Who has ever felt like he/she is making poor judgements.
  8. Kemoi

    Virtual football account management

    For account management on virtual football text 0701207529(WhatsApp).