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    West Africans

    This song gets me every time.
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    Buying a car

    Hi ni story ya base ya Jaba. An imported exjapan vehicle will give him 3 good years before achange serious parts. My current unit imported with 192k on the odo has done an extra 70k but still breathes like a baby. Gari ni maintenance. Hiyo story ya overheating ni outliers.
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    Buying a car

    Don't over think. Nunua gari park kwa rental kwani iko nini. Life is short. Hiyo pesa una save for 10 years kidogo korona inakuchapa unakufa ama masaibu kwa family be it sickness and such savings zote zinapotea. Kula raha life in fupi. Life ikikulemea you just sell the car and revert back to...
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    Talker of the Year Award

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    Hivi ndio watu huingizwa .

    Sometimes articles are sponsored, corporates do this all the time.
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    He had an A in KCSE 2019 and wants to be a neuro-surgeon! Discuss!

    Same question I have been having from 2016.
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    Ladies say NO to struggle love

    Trumanshipoto kuja nikupe kazi ya online marketing
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    Viewing fees and agency fees are a scam!

    Hii upuzi iko Mombasa. The "agent" will show you tens of houses in deplorable state. And still request for viewing fee. Watu wa bara are the target. A house is advertised to be in Tudor kumbe iko kwa slums hapo nyuma. Always request for photos of the house before going to view.
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    The vehicle is retrieved from the ocean

    Zero to 5k.
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    alcohol rehabilitation

    Take him to middle east for work. Am told huko hakuna alcohol. A neighbour was taken there by the family. He is now sober atleast you can see some tangible change.
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    Explicit Ebrufication

    Eish... Hapo umechoma!!
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    Third party insurance

    Companies owning large fleets say over 100 trucks and heavy equipment self insure. Or just third party. Comprehensive insurance premiums for such a fleet will surpass replacement costs of one unit.
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    Kujenga a three Bedroom House

    Thank you all for the advise, am rarely here but I will update you once in a while. Project starts early December.
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    Kujenga a three Bedroom House

    Things have been tough and I have decided enough is enough. landlord amenizoea. I have a small piece(quarter of an acre) in Kitengela which am considering putting up a simple two/Three bedroom for the family(me wife and daughter 4 years). am looking at a simple house simple finish actually just...
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    how to loose 2m and end up buying some lunch

    About 8 years ago I traded for a firm on moi avenue . about 5 traders each given small accounts and the bulk (200,000 USD) was traded by a strategy provided by a signal provider. All was well until the strategy was calling buys when the currency was falling. Ive never seen losses of such...
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    how to loose 2m and end up buying some lunch

    Rule of thumb . never put your money in a business you don't understand.
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    Making money online

    People are making money online trading forex, soy beans, sugar and indices futures. A simple strategy for all this is price action combined with volumes analysis. This works every time. Have a clean chart, no indicators and start making money. In box for more details for free.