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  1. Gecko Moriah

    New Song From Willy Paul drops "Alkaida"

    Apan tambua willy chieth
  2. Gecko Moriah

    What can you do with ksh. 10,000?

    Nunua bee hive, wait 4 months utapata asali going forward
  3. Gecko Moriah

    Bottom buddy

    What does it do
  4. Gecko Moriah

    Portable wifi

    Faiba 4G mifi if you want good price, if you want coverage get the telkom 4G mifi and unlock it to use safaricom
  5. Gecko Moriah

    Admins kukazia

    Bill board: This is a pornograhy free zone
  6. Gecko Moriah


    Music industry is hard
  7. Gecko Moriah

    Team Building Naivasha

    Hizo timberland iko mtu atazichangamkia
  8. Gecko Moriah

    Data leak, privacy breach. Kujeni mbio hapa.

    Clearly you don’t know how the internet works, they can track you if they want
  9. Gecko Moriah

    Mishomoroni Again

    This is sad, children are pure in heart and trust their parents to take care of them, killing a person who trusts you is difficult, this is one messed up individual
  10. Gecko Moriah


    Eti @Maombi hodari
  11. Gecko Moriah

    Searching---- movie review

    Blue ray ulitoa wapi
  12. Gecko Moriah

    Choose your own adventure hekaya: issue #1

    I like
  13. Gecko Moriah

    Tawala admin

    BOYA - Bootlicker Of the Year Award unlocked
  14. Gecko Moriah

    Creating accounts with offensive names

    Say no to involuntary pornography
  15. Gecko Moriah

    Credit on Insurance

    Provided cover ni yao, they should jump on the opportunity unless there’s something wrong with your premium payments
  16. Gecko Moriah

    Two Propeller shafts

    Each axle gets its own shaft to prevent one axle taking all the power
  17. Gecko Moriah


    The industry needs regulation
  18. Gecko Moriah

    Mobile money lending app

    The barrier to entry is very low in Kenya now that regulation is lagging, but prepare for loss
  19. Gecko Moriah


    That’s very messed up, there should be laws against such behavior
  20. Gecko Moriah

    The Eighth Day

    The first seven days were dedicated to earth, the eighth day and second week will involve working on another planet likely mars and bringing it to the condition of earth with life on it, creation will never end because the universe is infinite,