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  1. mr shairman

    Purple ameland Muchatha

    Naye summer bunny @kiLo- naye ameland pale jkia
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    A.O.B. Tuesday 11th December, 2018.

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    Wife is running away

    His marriage is not toxic he simply cheated and got caught thrice!!!
  4. mr shairman

    Wife is running away

    Get married 1st then we will see how you will reason. Yes there are dozens of slay queens out there but how many do you think would make good wives?, almost non. If you have a good wife and you cheat on her and get caught you don't expect her to act rational at all. If she leaves you, you feel...
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    Wife is running away

    Ati getting caught thrice how stupid can you be
  6. mr shairman

    Looting Nation

    Fredrick sagwe not so long ago used to work at NHIF front desk with a salo of 50k... He now owns 4 houses worth 20m each.
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    Ferk admin Re-loading

    Which chieth rules tena? Sikupata memo
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    Vaginal odor

    :D:D:D like seriously, hiyo ni idleness inasumbua admin chieth
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    Shiet! Hii ni DFHKMBLFTMK!

    The chickens are finally coming home to roost. While some fucktards are talking about 2022
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    Abolish all boarding schools.

    There is nothing cute about that, imagine we we ni mtu oldskool music alafu yenye ni mtu akina rose muhando so when your both in the house one of you will have to do earphones because you can't stand each other's music taste.
  11. mr shairman

    Abolish all boarding schools.

    I was dating another lady 3yrs my junior so I expected her taste in music to closely rhyme mine but it was not. That all her years since class one she was in boarding school. Parents who take their kids in primo to boarding schools are just lazy mofos running away from their roles as parents
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    How do you go about this - married folks only

    Kusafisha mecho for us men ni kuwaida na pia from time to time we must keep on reawakening our ufisi demons that's how we check if our man cards are still intact. That does not mean we don't love our wives. The biggest mistake your bro did was to be found out(ati it was just a complement, kwani...
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    Christmas carols

    There is something about jimmy and the Christmas Carol's, he just sings from the soul and to imagine he did this over 50yrs ago is something phenomenon. I can just listen over and over again.
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    Peasants ambazo zilipigia ile Gavana Chokosh Kura Saizi zinapiga Kalesa hadi Tao

    Hope this kabridge can hold all that human weight for a long period of time. And well its Christmas come early kwa mapinji
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    Peasants ambazo zilipigia ile Gavana Chokosh Kura Saizi zinapiga Kalesa hadi Tao

    Kucommute cbd daily ni ujinga siwezi taka
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    Breaking NEWS: For those who like their news balanced without a lot of lies, nonsense, firifiri hoho, kafithari,sijui who didn't shake hands with who.

    He may not be the best example but what trump is doing in American is what patriots should always do, puting your country and its people 1st before else. Not selling your country to the highest bidder and allowing its people to be exploited by selfish companies. That's what I would want my next...
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    Millennials quiz.

    Shows I hated: Joy bringers In search of an answer Shows I liked; WWF Beach patrol Top cop Home and away Days of our lives
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    Leta hekaya teacher