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    sportpesa watalilia kwa Choo... pesa za kesho niggaz

    Hi guyz.... Operation maliza sportpesa ianze kesho every talker to participate. Pesa ya kesho ndio hii... Odds ni around 11 nishaweka 20k kabla wapunguze odds. Kesho jioni I should have over 200k since ive placed 20k.. Ive been on a winning spree with these odds am being supplied to. Gari...
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    Guyz, pesa ya buure... usisote leo

    Happy New Year ya`ll. . Today I want u guyz to make shitloads of mullah. . Here are the special odds for today. . Ziko mob if u wanna u can visit the site and get them from there . Match one is already over and sydney have won! . My biggest win was last week for 3 days from 2nd Jan. This week na...
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    Dr. Eva carneiro Jinxed chelsea

    ever since mourinho suspended her and eventually made her quit her job chelsea imekua malaya sana... mourinho anavutwa job ama?
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    My Kisumu shepherd amekua mkubwa sana

    hii sio kama ile bukusu ya @uwesmake ... huyu anakula ugali size moja na mimi.. nikiongeza yee pia anaongeza. na sio ugali ya mfuko ati pembe ama jogoo... hizo akulangi... anataka ya posho mill ya @Mundu Mulosi ion; homemade gyms zinapatikana wapi for body builders here? a friend is enquiring...
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    Bundles mwitu zimerudi... 1.5 GB for only 300 ksh

    -Wasup guyz; promotional bundles are here at a very affordable price. But these aint the ones which you get the code that u send to 450. You'll have to meet her in town CBD to activate em bundles using a VPN kwa phone it takes about a minute... koz zile za codes zili-blockiwa na saf. - There...
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    Auuwwii... u can now connect laptop to an external graphics card

    -This is the best fuckin news Ive ever heard from intel. If ur a heavy gamer or 3D animator cum designer but your laptop cannot run em apps due to the weak intergrated graphics card, then worry no more. -Intel has come up with Intel Thunderbolt 3 box that has three USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI...
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    How To Ingest The Drug Called Kuber aka Ndovu aka Skari

    -kuber known as ndovu/skari in kenyan streets is a libido enhancing and mind altering brown/yellow in color stimulant mostly used by campo students. The drug makes you high as f**k in seconds just like coc but its cheaper in price sold just about anywhere in estates and the cbd. Its legal of...
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    pliz Niletee Dictionary Na Wheelbarrow Ya Bungoma

    Am not following this guy anymore on twitter. - Imagine you're that sign language jamaa and ur tryin to translate wat PLO is talking about. Si osungu itapiga wewe messi na hizo signs zako - if plo was a ktalker here najua angeekea kila mtu apa Osungu.jpeg hadi all em grammar nazis here.... kwani...
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    Nvidia Laptop 4 Sale... Bei Utapenda Zaidi

    A colleague of mine is selling some laptops and after using one yesterday, i decided to advertise it here for anyone interested. This machine is very fast like a server; it loads like a TV; very fast. Unaona vile unafinyanga remote buttons kwa tv and as soon as you press it, it has already...
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    please help... system security and code cryptography

    Hi k-talkers najua there are alot of I.T developers here I need some help. I need notes on the said unit. System/network security and cryptography. Sio hizi shallow pdf's am getting from google. I need an indepth and comprehensive unit guide; kinda like for dummies; video also; thanks utaniokoa...
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    Inaitwa "Straight Outta Da Title Race

    Man united fans have u heard the latest from van gaal? Yaani after only four games van gaal has lost all hope claiming that this season united wont win the premier league. Ati at best man u will either be position 3 ama position 2 if we try yetu yote. Hata champions league hatutoboi maybe f.a...
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    Waa! Torrent is injecting Billions into the kenyan economy

    -How much money have u guyz made from torrent? Personally since i began using it ive made around 450k from selling softwares and games alone. Just downloading em softwares and games (pc,xbox and p.s 2 & 3) to my laptop and selling them to people. Usiseme umesota; hiyo comp/laptop yako plus...
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    How Your Parenting will affect your kids' future

    -No matter how well or bad you were brought up, there is an emotional wound from your childhood affecting you right now as an adult. . How parents affect child development. -Why are there adults who lack self esteem and why are there over confident people? -Why are there difficult people and...
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    Ni Saa Kumi Na Ishaanza

    starehe kwa heshima na sii tafadhali. kwenye famous grouse, kwenye alele, kwenye cashew. do ladies use this stuff? ur all welcome ! .
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    why do people become atheists? get into their minds !

    I know that some people become atheists after believing that they came across enough evidence that shows that a God doesn't exist. And while i strongly disagree with those people still they are not the subject of this article. The subject of this article are the people who became atheists for...
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    why do human beings suffer? mystery explained !

    Why do humans suffer -Lots of people ask this question whenever a debate is started about God’s existence. What’s funny is that most of the people who ask that question don’t ask it because they are really confused but because it’s their own way of denying the existence of God. -if there is a...
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    cheap laptops in olx… Refurbrished ama ni bei zimepungua???

    I need to get a laptop for a niece so my first search was olx and meeeeen; aint these machines cheap ama there is a catch here? Ive even called the guys who claim that the machines are genuine and running very efficiently. I can remember in 2011 i got a core i5 Asus for 55k; core i5, 6gb ram...
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    @ol monk my thread about weed food/edibles ina nini mbaya?

    -I just erected a thread on weed edibles/weed food and after two replies it just vanished into thin air reason being am promoting the use of a controlled substance. How now? Ktalkers aint toddlers or adolescents who give in to peer pressure and I recall very well a similar thread in klist which...
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    Free Safaricom Airtime/Credit to All k-talkers hapa

    Just dial *896# then answer all the questions you will be asked. Choose Guiness for the drink that you'll be asked. You're welcome. Welcome to #Team_Kenya
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    Despite The Billions, Raila Junior Also Complains About KQ prices!!

    Kenya airways has received its fair share of trolls and whatever garbage Kenyan could throw at it. This started immediately after the company announced it had made a loss of 26 billion shillings about a week ago. According to a new revelations, the company has been making losses due to their...