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  1. Shemeji_x

    Kuchunishwa sukuma na chinaman

    Apparently there are a number of key people who were against the terms of the contract but after sometime they came to support the terms(most probably after receiving bribes).
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    Kuchunishwa sukuma na chinaman

    Going through some of the highlighted contract clauses of the loan from China, it becomes clear this is a slave contract no Wonder they don't want the contract to be public to avoid outrage From the west. The Chinaman ako busy kuchunisha sukuma African countries and other developing economies...
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    Ur father pushing with ur gf

    Brathe si pia wewe ungeomba...:D:D
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    Dusit suspects on cctv

    I don't think they are suspects I think they are assailants....
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    wadau wa Trump kindly saidieni

    Democrats and corporatists are in the same bed. Allowing illegal migration will to increased labor pool hence lowering costs...... It's always about the bottom line line. But if the immigration continues, the welfare system will crush and that's when people will come to terms with reality but it...
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    Steve Jobs' widow and her boyfriend holiday in Croatia on the $100million yacht the late Apple founder designed but never got to use

    We... Hio ndume imekula chuma.... .... Alafu mbona mtoto wa Steve Jobs ako na Nokia lumia??????
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    private investigator

    Housewives ndo huwa na hii tabia.
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    nataka kuoa single mother

    Si I thought unachunisha majamaa sukuma? :D
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    Kenyan negotiation tactics are backward and evil

    What I do is my bargain to the bitter end then I let him keep 100 if the true value is about 1k
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    Vera Sidika,

    As much as I can't glorify her path it takes a lot of courage and played her cards well. We all know if she stayed huko she could be married to a village boy and have kitu 10 kids(which not bad btwy) but that could be the easy way.... Moral of the story is... PACKAGING is everything.
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    Thousands of dads are left in shock as DIY paternity tests soar

    Hehe eti Alphabiolabs.... Interesting company name.
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    Nobel laureate - Blacks Are Genetically Stupid

    If you do a little more research you will understand that Watson was not giving an opinion rather an observation based on various statistics. We all know environment plays a big role in epigenetics.So he shouldn't be stripped all his life's achievements just because he made a scientific...
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    Navigating the web as an African

    The blame isn't entirely on them. Where do they ever come across an African? The only African perception is what they see in the news of corruption, hunger, war, humanitarian crisis and advertisements that try to solicit donations for starving children in Africa. That is the much they know about...
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    This is Guka - Prof. Mugenda Case; What Do I Tell This Pal?

    A man and a woman think differently. Women are more concerned with security while men tend to take risks which have potential high returns but also high potential for failure. It's a well documented evolutionary biology fact. If this guy's bussinesses succeeded and became a mbirionaire his wife...
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    This is Guka - Prof. Mugenda Case; What Do I Tell This Pal?

    Mzee ataambia watu nini akihama kwake.... Ataambia watu nini akiuza plot.... As long as you've offered advice you have done your part just make sure he's aware of the potential consequences of his decision and that will be enough.
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    Beta Bish Amenyimwa Kitu After Kutoa Pesa Kama Yesu

    Si angeitisha nudes kama security ya loan ama tulikua tumesema aje wakubwa?
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    Explicit At this Rate...

    Such music exists as one of the side effects of the internet. Before the internet, there were gate keepers who had to listen to your music/noise before getting a chance to played on radio or even before recording the music. Today anyone can record music shoot video and post on YouTube
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    Explicit At this Rate...

    Most prouducers work with your budget.....:D
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    Foreskin acts as a reservoir for the virus hence increased chances of being infected. ARVs reduce the viral to a very low level that if you had unprotected sex with an infected person who is taking ARVs and she's compliant then the infection rate is very very low except in cases of resistance...
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    Getting is not as easy as you think (though my colleagues will curse my name if they get me saying this) but chances increase if 1you have a fore skin, 2. if you are dry frying an infected person who is not taking ARVs 3. You dryfry before it is wet hence causing bruises during the act. 4. If...