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    Officer on the run

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    Office guys watu wa kuvaa tie na suti ndio tunaenda lunch

    Ni meffi mod mgani ame-edit comment yangu,muache umama
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    nataka kuoa single mother

    Good idea apart from where you said she is a single mother,kulea mtoto wa mwanaume mwingine siyo mchezo.Anyway,best wishes
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    I know a mzungu anafanyanga related jobs na Ericsson.How many mirrions are u willing to part with for his contacts
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    I was Spiked

    First things first,
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    Something does not add up

    Hii teke inakaa toothpick toothpick the owner shiny eyed by any chance?
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    Nani ako na Instagram handle ya huyu

    Niko nayo na nimeanza kumsaka,its only a matter of time ni DFHKMBL
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    Explicit At this Rate...

    Enyewe pu$$y can really take a beating,i am imagining the milage on those kungurus na bado watawekelewa miti.Maajabu ya musa
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    Theo finally weds, congratulations

    RIP Threshold
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    Soul Ties

    Soul ties only affect those hukosa kufikisha the recommended threshold ya 7 shots minimum
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    Gatheca sheds tears of joy with arap Singh

    Huyu atakuwa anamchunisha mpaka skuma
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    Multiple handles

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    Where are you holding your tusker tonight

    Thermal image ya chupa kwa mkono ama wewe ni gay kama @uwesmake
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    Serious advice needed!

    Ukienda utachunishwa skuma na Khashoggi wa huko
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    Back to the hustle

    @admin is this how your moderators view members of this forum?
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    Back to the hustle

    The management of this website seems to be racist.No wonder people keep complaining about the mods