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  1. Kaffir

    When You Mess With a Bull, You Get the Horns

    A country is defined by it's borders,hate him or love him the turd trump has point in securing the southern border of the US kama sio hivo they should hire 1000s of grey hound buses and take the migrants ot Canada tune vile wata sema .
  2. Kaffir

    Exclusive video of explosion

    I think he got a few people in the restaurant, I wonder where his face is , In most suicide bombs the face is peeled off nicely without any major damage making identification of suicide bombers quite easy, this was such a problem Alqueeda started telling suicide bombers to start looking down...
  3. Kaffir

    Exclusive video of explosion

    Yep fine pink mist grass has gotten some free manure ! this chap is getting no virgins , he chose a nice secluded area to be one with the world ! Wish all were as stupid as this chap.
  4. Kaffir

    So the westerners are taking credit of neutralizing the terrorists

    The Sun is a rug, but Kuna video ya makarao wa Kenya wakitoka mbio kama mende zimeona jua
  5. Kaffir

    Something Doesn't Seem Straight

    If you start a conspiracy theory please let it make some sense , hi yako afadhali hata kuskiza flat earther
  6. Kaffir

    The unxpected leaking of the China Kenya contract and the subsequent " Alshabab attack" at riverside

    Upuzi , Kenyans don't care ven if the contracts showed we have to offer our asses to the chinese, guys are so used to being fucked the govt it wasn't even news !
  7. Kaffir

    18+ What would you do?

    Unachaguwa aje nyama fisi fake
  8. Kaffir


    Terrorists / Extremists kill more of there own compared to their so called enemies alashabab , ISIS, alquaeda have killed more muslims that Kaffirs same thing as mungiki they laid waste to more shiny eyes as compared to nduriri ( other tribes)!
  9. Kaffir

    They call us Diasporan nation Granny washers but behind the scenes...

    Mbona machungu just do your job and ignore wale wali nyimwa visa and deportees ( deportees are the worst nothing but negativity ya majuu)
  10. Kaffir

    Your butt defines your personality...

    shitty post
  11. Kaffir

    setting the record straight

    Dude seriously ? ama ni yeye ana piga picha ? Dont tell me that bro on the right is him or he became shorter, darker and cured his eye sight by prayer
  12. Kaffir

    Daily Atheist Meme

    There was one in Kilifi who beheaded his son waiting for god to send a sheep some years back !
  13. Kaffir

    70gs down the drain

    Used to by sony high phones mpaka siku ile nili nunulia mama watoto infinix, saw her photos and battery life nikashindwa whats wrong with me spending 30 k Plus on phones, I have never looked back I have my ka infinix let people hate , we go with friends cambi etc, in afew hrs wako mambo ya power...
  14. Kaffir

    Sad news
  15. Kaffir

    Sad news

    RIP she was found in a morgue
  16. Kaffir


    Boss wewe ni rapist ! Wonder if it would be a fond memory if the same happened to your sister or mom !
  17. Kaffir


    Thought R Kelly's was BS until I saw the documentary, that chap is twisted !
  18. Kaffir

    Child Abuse

    Saw this sometime back I was so sure the girl was a gone case the patient the showed her was phenomenal !
  19. Kaffir

    Stupid Voters Everywhere

    Good for them Brits have some superiority complex even in the EU , this is from their colonial past, kuna time I had cancelled flight in schipol alternative was BA, but this shits required me to have some special Visa even though I had a schengen visa, because of a 2 hr layover in heathrow ! I...
  20. Kaffir

    Borehole water contamination and death. Gatheca should come clean

    Naskia ruto anataka hio shamba , alionekana usiku akiweka dawa watu wahame !