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  1. Yunomi


    Some exchanged hands? It's the first time somebody has even suggested it to me
  2. Yunomi

    Alshabab lady wanted

    I'm not sure how to answer that one. There's something in the religion that keeps supplying Kenya with terrorists. There's probably millions of catholics in Kenya and not one has ever attacked anybody.
  3. Yunomi

    Alshabab lady wanted

    She was probably raised in the Seventh Day Adventist faith like all other good Kisii girls until she met some moneyed convert who convinced her to ditch Christianity. I'm hoping when she gets a bullet through her skull feminazis will say nothing
  4. Yunomi

    Gillette and Virtual Signalling

    The good thing is Africa is safe from the madness happening huko nje. They keep trying to bring it to us but they keep failing.
  5. Yunomi

    The question of religion

    Muslims cannot explain why terrorists are exclusively from their religion. Have you ever heard of a crazy Presbyterian or Lutheran killing non adherents? It hasn't happened at least in my lifetime. Muslims can dance around the issue and misuse the word "because" but will not convince you or...
  6. Yunomi

    Why do they do it, terrorism and killings

    Yes I agree. Deaths by terrorism in Kenya are negligible if we're to go by numbers. Number 1 killer of Kenyans is disease then road accidents
  7. Yunomi

    Why do they do it, terrorism and killings

    They kill because there is something in Islamic teachings that encourages it. Other groups of people in Kenya kill but only Muslims kill for an ideology.
  8. Yunomi

    Government Demands Kshs1.5 Million for Every Kenyan Hired in Saudi Arabia

    They will not tell you this but the Kenyans who work for Arabs are screamed at and insulted every single day by their employers. They're treated like trash. They're made to eat leftovers. Not the leftovers from the pots and pans. Leftovers from the plates of Arabs.
  9. Yunomi


    Outside the dynasties DP Ruto is the only real candidate amejitokeza. And the dynasties are a worried lot because combined they have looted and continue to loot probably half of Kenya wealth since independence. I mean how crazy is it to take billions of taxpayers money and give it to the...
  10. Yunomi

    British hero

    His subjects are thieves and fornicators. Ukianza na huyo huyo aliye chini yake
  11. Yunomi

    British hero

    Huyo president wetu huwa amechanganikiwa. He gave githeriman an award for simply standing in line. That tells you a lot
  12. Yunomi

    British hero

    true lakini local media ni meffi tu. Did you see Hassan Mugambi slapping men around like he's their father? I bet he would never slap a mzungu onlooker The local media especially cameramen were ignoring Kenya's forces. They trained their cameras on the non Kenyans. Hata the reports in the media...
  13. Yunomi

    A copy of the contract between Kenya and Chinese has NOT been released. Uhuru promised on Friday...

    A copy of the contract between Kenya and Chinese has NOT been released. Uhuru promised on Friday 28/12/2018 to do so the day after
  14. Yunomi

    Terrorists have no Religion, Tribe,or Race.

    Whether they're Kayole armed robbers or are terrorists, they deserve kifo. That's the law of Moses and the law our forefathers lived by for centuries before Moses wrote it.
  15. Yunomi

    Citizen TV's Hassan Mugambi losing his shit

    Mtu akinigonga hivyo na yeye ajitayarishe na yale yatampata. I'm not a drum my friend ugonge as you wish. Some Kenyan men are so cowardly no wonder the Chinese people disrespect them in their own country
  16. Yunomi

    Steve Mbogo Arrested..

    Ndwiga Steve Mbogo are his official names
  17. Yunomi

    Waziri wa matiangi

    Nikikumbuka how Ole Lenku alikuwa amechengwa naumwa na kichwa. I wonder how he is performing as a governor
  18. Yunomi

    Gender equality VS No female special forces officer during the Alshabab raid

    Tema hiyo mate before you give these feminazis ideas of integrating women in these special squads.
  19. Yunomi

    Steve Jobs' widow and her boyfriend holiday in Croatia on the $100million yacht the late Apple founder designed but never got to use

    Lakini wazungu huzeeka haraka sana. Zoom in to her hands :oops: