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    Lillian Muli back with Jared, tells Ktalkers to lamba LOLO

    Walking Dead : Citizen Edishen
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    Serena Williams

    True. But I think Mayweather is good at courting just enough controversy to earn more but not get in to much trouble. He’s been running this scheme for 2 decades with the fake outlandish personality :DHowever, his dedication to his craft is insane.
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    What harsh truth do you have for the opposite sex?

    But also, it’s possibel to love another woman without love for the first ‘reducing’.
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    bizarre incident

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    Hapa wanaungua for real!

    :D:D Gene editing will sort out those weaknesses for them. Hii uwongo ya sijui eye color and height ni upus. It’s for resistance to disease and environmental factors.
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    Blood farmers.

    Young Plasma sounds like a trap rapper who’s also a vampire.
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    Rape by fraud in the west.

    What that society is doing to itself
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    How i got married.

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    Majengo ya Joe Mwenda. Ni impossible kupata online.
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    Real Estate

    Interesting perspective.
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    Wanaume wa kufanya pedicure kusafisha macho

    :D:DWho the hell writes these stories. There’s some form of (garbage)art in this lakini. Congratulations @Panyaste napna ulipata job SDE
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    After kuosha tunyanye,

    Terere ni mzuri kwa afya mboss.
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    Wanaume MGonge Gym

    Niaje buda
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    Web Development

    @Oguttu , what @Teddy_time is trying to explain to you is that you need to know where you’re applying what you’re learning in order for you to learn it. Learning coding just to develop a website is overkill in 2019, as there are tools to allow you to develop without having to learn code.
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    Kenyan Youths are Too Idle na Hawana Akili

    It’s fucked up
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    Manager accused of slapping buttocks

    Ngoja uone how fast Mariah will be given back to the black community if this picks up
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    Wanaume MGonge Gym

    Kuunderline gazeti na marker/biro is usually a guarantee that mtu amepitisha 60 yrs.
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    BEN GITHAE aka Kabuda

    Hehehe. Nimekumbuka huyu Mya akiwa mabataro ya wengi tukiwa watoi.
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    BEN GITHAE aka Kabuda