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  1. Soprano

    Redmi 7

    Okay. But Redmi 7 is neither Redmi Note 7, nor is it Redmi Note 7 pro. The Note 7 and Note 7 pro were launched earlier.
  2. Soprano

    Sankok told aketi Paleee ------------------------>

    So, Ngai!, we still have so many presidential materials hanging around tu! Mbona hawajitokezei wanatuacha tuumizwa na WASHENZI kama Uhuru na Raila?
  3. Soprano

    WTF ? Check out this Police Stop, Who Won?

    I saw the driver put a 50 bob note inside that drivers license. He called the 50 bob note a package!!!
  4. Soprano

    AliExpress Now Allows Buyers To Pay For Items Via M-Pesa

    On AliExpress the sellers are the ones who choose the shipping method, most of the time. Zamani there were myths about shipping, such as if you choose free shipping the items might take forever to reach you. I can say confidently that that's not actually true. Hakuna haja that your item should...
  5. Soprano

    AliExpress Now Allows Buyers To Pay For Items Via M-Pesa

    Yes, of course! Can't you see this?
  6. Soprano

    Hii tuliona

    Spectacular Video & Photos of World's Fastest Passenger Plane in Kenya By DENIS MWANGI on 11 March 2019 - 6:30 pm AMAZING A Concorde airplane at JKIA in the 1990s TWITTER In 1975 Kenya played host to the world'd fastest passenger plane at that time that was en route to Johannesburg, South...
  7. Soprano

    Ethiopian airline plane crashes

    In board, 160 passengers and 8 crew. Search and rescue operation under way.
  8. Soprano

    Ethiopian airline plane crashes

    Ethiopian Airline plane crash, seeing newsflash on tv right now!
  9. Soprano

    born killers

    Jungus kill their kind more than they kill the blacks.
  10. Soprano

    AliExpress Now Allows Buyers To Pay For Items Via M-Pesa

    Bravo! Innovation is the mother of necessity!!!!
  11. Soprano

    Namesless Exposed ( photos attached)

    I thought nameless was caught snorting cocaine, or perhaps stealing... Ati photos attached!!!
  12. Soprano

    Looting Of Kenya Report -- What Happened

    @zimzimma, @It's Le Scumbag, I was not taught,but I have come to realize that some people may choose to ask a question while actually it's a statement they making, while others choose to answer a question with an other question.
  13. Soprano

    Punda kwisa choka

    How is it there? Good? I'm in Tanzania. Moshi. Not rained yet, but the skies are pregnant.
  14. Soprano

    Afrojiri Sacco

    Not the best view, but still it's beautiful this morning as always! Good Day!!!
  15. Soprano

    Punda kwisa choka

    Utakua umebeba rungu ama tear gas, afande?
  16. Soprano

    Trump Kim's Biatch Again

    That's the greatest president in the American history for you!
  17. Soprano


    So, Njonjo kutumwa Siberia ilikua extension ya hizo feuds, sio? Na ikiwa Moi kweli akiwa VP alikua anataka kusuluhisha historical injustices, why did he suddenly forget all about it when he suddenly became president, a powerful president, very very powerful, and remained so for 24 years, but...
  18. Soprano

    Punda kwisa choka

    Haki ya Mungu patriotism aina hio yataka moyo!
  19. Soprano

    Punda kwisa choka

    Multibet ama ni mbegu?