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  1. Xiphos

    Raira help us!

    Raila finally retires from trying to help ungrateful villagers
  2. Xiphos

    On Gathecas accounts being suspended ( Sudi atakipata)

    Our bro @digi is that waiter that has to indicate his actual sales otherwise his name will disappear mysteriously from ktalk payroll...:D
  3. Xiphos

    Gathecha deactivates Twitter a/c(Effidence @digi style)

    What's cooking???
  4. Xiphos

    Professional Shoe lace Tying

    Something to add to your MBAs & PhDs:cool:
  5. Xiphos

    Jupiter land saga shocks Kenyans ( ekeza sacco)

    @digi must be one of those editors.
  6. Xiphos

    Who will Stand up to be counted?

    A Nigerian professor,Pius Adesanmi died at the recent Ethiopian airline crash. Before he died, he had wrote a newspaper column on the situation in Nigeria. Seems Kenya is the most culpable
  7. Xiphos

    An afternoon query for ktalk philosophers

  8. Xiphos

    An afternoon query for ktalk philosophers

    I had no reason to as that was a non issue before. It arose later on.
  9. Xiphos

    An afternoon query for ktalk philosophers

    A hot lazy afternoon gives the mind an excuse to wander out &about. And this was the result of my wanderings after taking ugali for lunch: Why do we prepare ugali and veggies separately on for them to meet in the mouth and mix thoroughly??
  10. Xiphos

    These Kenyan thugs actually complicate their own lives.

    The people stealing are guys who have low self esteem. They equate net worth with self worth. So a guy has to steal and live a flashy life to be seen as big.Beyond his money, the guy is empty.
  11. Xiphos

    Satan's hidden secrets.

    Basically what you want to say is there is nothing spiritual about this world. Let me give you an example; I don't know your tribe's tradition but if i give mine(Kikuyu), why do naming a kid after a certain ancestor manifest that ancestors character? And don't tell me about DNA coz it usually...
  12. Xiphos

    If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be...

    If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” -Henry David Thoreau.
  13. Xiphos

    Side hustle

    Kindly explain what it involves.
  14. Xiphos

    Side hustle

    I tried it some time back, it didn't work out for me...
  15. Xiphos

    Side hustle

    Which dependable sites can i earn around $2 per day? Tasks that doesn't require any professional background eg data entry. Or anyone around who needs to outsource?
  16. Xiphos

    Satan's hidden secrets.

    The only living God is Yahweh,the God of Abraham, Isaac and jacob.. All these others are wannabes..
  17. Xiphos

    Satan's hidden secrets.

    Unless/until God opens your 'eyes', the truth that's hidden in the Bible seems foolishness..Just like the military has various types of weapons depending on the enemy, same case with the devil. To the 'learned', he uses philosophy, science etc. To the unlearned he unleashes voodoo witchcraft n...
  18. Xiphos

    Oyole Shopping Shujaa Mall -Clean Shelf - Kwanza the sea food mpaka Octopus

    1960- Forward travellers hapo OTC...
  19. Xiphos

    Satan's hidden secrets.

    There are many stories- basically things that men have made up that they pass along as Visions they have had or insider knowledge of the workings of the kingdom of darkness. You will find many CD's being peddled about illuminati secrets or someone claiming to be a former devil worshipper. As...
  20. Xiphos

    Haji: Most of the stolen money has been wasted

    Any business venture started with this evil money can't grow organically. Therefore they have to create a market for themselves by force. Look at Weston, they have to arm twist KQ to book their passengers there,govt departments hold their seminars there, Brookside has to decimate all rivals and...