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  1. mr shairman

    This is Guka - Upuss Kama wa @Panyaste

    Hapo kwa golden state worriors tuko pamoja
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    Breaking News -Brexit No Deal Preparations

    to some of us forex traders this brexit nonsense has been a blessing. Gbp pairs are dropping and raising astronomically this gives a great potential to make lots of mulla.
  3. mr shairman

    Kenya prisons team to be repatriated

    The Government has ordered immediate repatriation of Kenya Prisons women volleyball team that is taking part in Africa club championship. PS for State Department for Correctional Servives Zeinab Hussein says they are not aware of the trip. The team has been detained in Egypt for unpaid hotel bills.
  4. mr shairman

    The proposed Dairy law 2019

    And you deep down believe they so much care about our hygiene. Can't believe you are this naive mwarimo. Gatheca has learnt the act of business like a mafioso. In mafioso's world, free competition is considered wasteful, but monopoly efficient.
  5. mr shairman

    Paul Kobia speaks. Standard Exclusive. Apparently he stole gold worth Kshs. 8 billion from Kabila's Congo.

    Damn! that Rolls Royce. But mahali tumefika In this country, convectional way of doing business does not cut it anymore. Overheads and high taxes are eating too much of profits. Ntafanya magendo comfortably if i had a chance
  6. mr shairman

    BROKEN: Serikali ime ban the new paperbags. Hizi mpya zimetoka tu juzi.

    stupid government, sasa wanataka kurudisha confusion in people's businesses.
  7. mr shairman

    What The Hell

    hawa wasee wawili wa ocha hunibore sana they just don't know when to shut the f**k up
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    Haka kamsee kalionyesha tall bugger kivumbi :D
  10. mr shairman

    Pamba on the Run. ( woman dead )

    Afadhali kuitisha refund for every penny spend on the kunguru kuliko kuchunishwa skuma for life.
  11. mr shairman

    Post-Coital Dysphoria (PCD)

    kuna lanye ya tagged nilikamuanga once with some stretch marks from here to timbuktu, pnc nilipata wacha tu
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    fundi kama huyu

  13. mr shairman

    Shipping or @incogntus

    ndio aanze kuuliza maswali kama 'how do i hack into my wife's phone'
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    Advice Needed: Which of these two women do I marry

    Hao wachia 35 yr olds and above, wewe tafta 22-26 apo.
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    My Wife's Ex

    kukuriwo bibi loading.....
  16. mr shairman

    Kunguru anataka kufugwa (help needed)

    humbwer ghasia tucker tucker how could you do that to your wife. malaya imekamuliwa na raiya left right and center unaleta home, jeez!!!!
  17. mr shairman

    Why Sh1trn Kenya Saccos are a ticking time bomb

    The saddest thing in all this circus, is that members will lose their money and no single official will do time in jail.
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    Beyond Zero marathon

  19. mr shairman

    MMNN Telegram chat group iko maneno.

    Ule jamaa Wa Gore ni saitan
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    Beyond Zero marathon