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  1. illkim14

    18+ Mbuguas cute young thing, will have a warm bed

    Heri ule wagethomo hapo nyuma... Hehehe
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    Men and women dry spell struggles

  3. illkim14

    Will Smith and family.

    Will Smith is a hardcore MF.... Big on Spiritual and Physical growth and health. Work ethic ingine out of this world.... He has transferred this to the wife and kids.... Anatuonyesha how to live lakini si unatujua tu.... Instant gratification generation....
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    which is better - kianda or Loreto msongari

    Kianda by far, Costlier though.....5 stars... Msongari is 3 stars.... Maybe 4 compared to the rest of the schools in Nairoberry.
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    Sudden Loss

    Pole Sana bro... Keep your self together for the people who depend on you... Badaae remove the mask and ventilate.... It's what Men do...
  6. illkim14

    Dry Fry gang screws me up once again

    The first 6 comments GAAADAMMNN!!! Hehehehe alafu @Ice_Cube killed it with the coomer connoisseur :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D maze 10NIL!!
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    Finally, GLASS !!!
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    Huyu Mwoman anakaa anaweza toa Soundtrack poa Pale Bediko ..

    Imeweza.... Manyundo komeo atapata....
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    18+ Spotted Kori and new woman

    Money makes the Thighs Thicker and Yellower:D:D:D
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    The types of men who moan in bed [ a j& j inc investigation productshizzle]

    Hio Beta Male analysis ni 10 Nil.... Hehehehehe.... ATI analalia mwoman kwa chest ..... Hehehehe brareee fuwaking
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    I need to quit drinking right now!!

    This is the only way.... Never be liquid
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    Nyumba hulipi usitoe nguo wala kunyanduliana

    Ulijua aje their eyes locked?? Kwani ni wewe ulikuwa ukinyanduliwa buda??
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    UFC 234: Andesanya Vs Silva. Your predictions?

    Last style bender for the win..... Natural selection is ruthless......
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    Is Your Governor (Sonko), a Social media Governor

    Natural Medicine ni Lazima buda ....
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    Hii kitu inanihaunt sana

    Hehehehe:D:D:D:D:D:D North Korea was about to be nuked!!
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    Hehehe..... Hii analysis ni 10 NIL!!
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    Ujue hapo carwash hakuna Sembe.... Kuku na Mchele tu.... Hehehe
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    Back like I never left

    Back like I never left