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  1. MarkMarco

    Insurance for PSV motobikes

    The past 2 days have been a little bit of hell. I've been trying to get ahold of a person who insurers PSV Bodaboda bikes as I need a good deal for the hundreds of motobikes I'll be bringing in. Shida ni hakuna mtu hii town hupenda kuinsure Bodaboda due to the huge risk involved. Anyone with A...
  2. MarkMarco

    Soy beans (THE NEXT GOLD)

    China's decision to impose a 25 per cent levy on US soybeans could pose a risk to US farmers. China is projected to import 103 million metric tonnes of soybeans in the next marketing year that starts on September. According to Kenya's Ministry of Agriculture demand for soya is estimated at...
  3. MarkMarco

    Safe Gas

    Kuwa msee informed, ni poa. Lakini hii kitu inaitwa safegas. Nimekuwa nikitaka kuibuy na nashindwa mtu amebuy? Mazuri?
  4. MarkMarco

    Hating of the new employee. WHY??

    Being a new employee in my company and by new I mean kuingia nliingia pale last year september, hasnt been a smooth ride. It started with all smiles when they thought nlikuwa kazi wakati mdogo then niende, But this nigga, ana passion na hii job, kwa hivyo I stook around and started making an...
  5. MarkMarco

    church sadaka: The disapointment.

    Kama Villager ambaye sio fanatic wa injili naendaga church only when the Almighty does sth awsome to my life. Kawaida naendaga pia end month na an elephant: aka Thao kwa sababu hio kitu inaitwa endmonth salary ni kitu poa amenifanyia (Most people are Jobless so to thank God for mine)...
  6. MarkMarco

    Save yourself from extortion: Make her sign this before Kunyanduana.

    Sexual Consent Form & Right of Privacy Agreement I, her name , hereby declare under penalty of perjury that I am over 18 years old. I further declare that this agreement is of my own free will and that neither I nor anyone near or dear...
  7. MarkMarco

    When punani goddess Deserts you:

    Aki waschana ya campus watatumaliza. For a while (Couple years) young campus girls have been my merry. Some time back, I had been chatting with this 2nd Yr ako Egerton called Monicah and I was hopping this would be an easy lay as usual given that wanapenda watu working class kama yours truely...
  8. MarkMarco

    Alibaba: How do you trust vendors.

    So last week I finally settled on a phone which solves all of my problems within my budget (ULEFONE POWER 5). However nimeenda Jumia hakuna, killimall hakuna, ikabidi nmeenda pale aliexpress ile ya Alibaba nkapata iko hapo na vendors ni wengi. I've been chatting with a few and they are begging...
  9. MarkMarco

    Winning 200M what would you do with the money.

    This weekend nimeshtuka :eek::eek:sana kuskia ule jamaa alishinda ile 230M sportpesa ati zimeisha. Nlishindwa how do you eat all that Dooh in less than 4 months. Wadau tusaidiane cha kufanya na hii pesa coz clearly this nigga is broke, anasema ta credo hanaga.:confused: Personally Ningejiandikia...
  10. MarkMarco

    Mjubeleng has no Brains: Painfull lessons

    Life ilinifunza is NOTHINGS FREE there is always some form for something in exchange. Then ilikuwa niko campo mwaka wa pili, there was this chick called Peris Wanja. Tulipata kwa bash yake, nikaletwa na Ninja yangu who was feasting on the roomate. Game ya dare and truth ikaanza kuchezwa na she...
  11. MarkMarco

    The day I decided : No going long distance for Puthy

    Nikiwa kijana mdogo, I used to have this "girlfriend".... alikuwa anaitwa Caroline Wanjiru aka Norris. Norris shida ilikuwa ni babake alikuwa mkali sana. Alikuwa anamlinda kweli kweli and going kwao Un-announced was an almost immediate death sentence . The problem was also their gate man alikuwa...
  12. MarkMarco

    Puthy sio supu: Lesson by TDH

    Long time ago nlikuwa Campus, sasa at first year, tulikuwa tunaishi na a ninja called Mulosi. This nigga was Tall dark and handsome, I mean A REAL TDH (Tall dark handsome) as we had nicknamed him. This ninja was at first year and ladies were getting nailed right left and center by him....... ata...
  13. MarkMarco

    Last Week

    Most people like to write mambo ya zamani ..... mimi ntawashow event za 22nd to 29th April. Last sunday ilikuwa worst day yangu, brokeness was first on list, I hit up my hoe on call akasema hako available hata kidogo,.... loneliness ikaniuma hadi nkaamua acha nibeep my ex but simu haikuwa na...
  14. MarkMarco

    Women looking for friends in dating sites.

    As a longtime subscriber of Tinder, naezasema nmepatana na shaitani mingi toka huko zingine tu ziko njaa na ni food zinatafuta (You hungry bitch someone go kidnap you one day).... zingine zimeolewa na hazitaki kicheat (Ati I'm here for fun, and I'm like kwani fun si nini kama sio kucheat, I...
  15. MarkMarco

    Whose daughters have serviced you most

    I take this opportunity to thank the ancestors of Luhya and Luo tribes..... despite being an urban dweller, your daughters have single handedly watered my Mjubeleng more and better than any other:D:D:D:D:D.... Whose daughters have serviced you most?
  16. MarkMarco

    Money Printing Tender

    Now that hii Money Printing tender ya 10 Mbiriion per year watu wa Deralue wamenyanganywa..... Nani ana printer ya epson niingie kwa hii tender application nayo... na ikuwe Colour printer pris, Kenya hawadai pesa vintage:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  17. MarkMarco

    Sexperiment of life

    When I started having sex, I used to be very uncertain after sex, of my performance, size of tool, body shape etc after sex., when I got used to it the feeling of after sex became lovely and even adopted cuddling my lover, small talk, sweet pleasantries and other shit, now my feeling of after...
  18. MarkMarco

    KCB money Disappearance(Post your money dissapearance issue)

    So last week, I read in the paper that money was disappearing mysteriously form KCB bank Accounts. I thought it was a hoax but for safety, nikasafisha account na omo nikatoazote. So a buddy of mine is cursing after walitoa 5500 yake friday. yesterday another one alipata 4550 missing. Evidence is...
  19. MarkMarco

    Revelation of celebs age vs spouses

    when you look at male celebrity ages vs their chosen spouse/ significant other its the girls are older than the male celebs. But why?
  20. MarkMarco

    Police pay Coppy paste

    No wonder they arrest you over weekend for.nothing