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  1. klevgit

    Cc.Team Mafisi et al

    :) Stolen!!. Now that law has been passed by Government that, if you climb persons and she catches your stomach child must carry your name, it is high time we all exercised some level of discipline. Personally I have come up with a list of things to do pre and post climbing. 1. NO CLIMBING...
  2. klevgit


    Kutokana na nduru zenye kiasi Fulani cha kuaminika,ni kama continen@l wamekita kambi ABs 3 W.
  3. klevgit

    MyHD, bring down (Fta family / visual entertainment privy villagers)

    Good morning villagers, I've an offer of someone selling a 2.4m prime focus, my question is will it bring down the beauty of myHD in the living room?
  4. klevgit

    villager schooled/learned fellas inc.

    what do you understand/know about/of petroldollar and the implications of the statusquo vs winds of change. Kwa wasiojua historia,tulieni tuelimishwe hapa. asaande sana.
  5. klevgit

    kipute ni cha leo

    Ahaaa kwa wandau wanasoka kipute cha ligi ya mabingwa barani uropa ni leo. je unaipigia timu ipi upatu wa kunyakua kombe hilo na unashawishika kuipigia timu tajwa upatu kwa misingi ipi? mimi kama kawa Barca kombe kwao.
  6. klevgit

    help me root s3 lte

    Hey hi to technicians Baada ya salamu,saidieni mimi hapa,niko na Samsung SHV-E210L and would wish to make be like GT-I9305. What links do I need to make that wish materialize? Thank you very much.
  7. klevgit

    DAMN ,LIKE IS THIS REAL???????????????

    just goining throu the web trying to get some afore mentioned documentaries have opened a can of worms for me. see for you selves. ps ;ye of faint faith try to skip this
  8. klevgit

    i need a way to get these documentaries.

    the following documentaries have my interest antenna up but as they are in hulu,streming is only in us .kisha hulu pana tambua vpn. 1) a World ruled by evil, 2) women on deathrow 3) a secret history the making of america. asande sana
  9. klevgit

    @ Uweskamau,@ wakanyam and the full aramis contigent!!!!!

    I saw this video and being the philanthropic person I happen to be thought why not share. :):)o_O
  10. klevgit

    highschooler/ di ticha

    Considering you two knuckle heads are the ones having nouns affiliated to scholary dictate,could you mind helping me mark this exam. i.e* denotes the answer given. Q1.. In which battle did Napoleon die? * his last battle. Q2.. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? * at the bottom...
  11. klevgit

    monkey tabia gani hii?

    A monkey and a baboon were seated next to each other during a service in church.......the pastor said; turn to your neighbour and say you are beautiful and adorably created in the image of God. Monkey looks at the baboon for a moment, then laughs out loudly and tells the pastor.........eish...
  12. klevgit

    ha ha ha

    Came across this and laughed like a nut.. Six Laughs: No1: A man was so jealous of his newly born baby that he put poison on the wife's nipples while she was asleep. The next day their driver died of poisoning. ************************************** No2: A man is dying of cancer, but keeps...
  13. klevgit

    CSI Cyber .

    this thing makes you think in ways the gorvernment won't be very comfortable without you on leash. keeping my Friday cool
  14. klevgit


    Am looking for a 4*1 hdmi switch ,any idea where one can be sourced? asande sana.
  15. klevgit

    fta re-alignment

    Hoping digital addiction has affected you as it has me, I would wish to request assistance to; using a 130 offset combine amos5,7A&B and also 7w. How could the fabrication / set up be arranged. Sengio sana.
  16. klevgit

    whisky budget.

    Of late I've noted that inflation is having some effect on my pockets (negative) and that doesn't seem to dissuade my liver from taking another bout with distilled alcoholic substance, whiskey preferred. Taking that consideration, I would appreciate if there happens to a villager privy to the...
  17. klevgit

    jicho pevu

    Am neither enjoying the arsenal game no being tickled by this ktn wait game.
  18. klevgit

    Man -united.

    I have been supporting the players of the outfit but it seems if I continue with the fanatsism I might end up on the beach by an Arsenal fan waiting for ulcer checks. In as far as today is Sportspesa seems to be the jovial hyena thanks to my fanatsism heading to my wallet. All the same...