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  1. MkenyaHalisi

    Wenyeji wa mtaa.... Kisumu

    Saidia mgeni na pahali pazuri pa kulalisha hii mwili. A nice food joint too. Ukiwekelea jina Nita gugu. Asanteni
  2. MkenyaHalisi

    Githeri Media

    So hii maneno yote ni ya 2014 but it was making headlines leo.. The case was even prosecuted and determined
  3. MkenyaHalisi

    Octogenarian Kapatikana

    A High Court in Nakuru has confirmed a life sentence imprisonment imposed on two elderly men accused of defiling a minor. Tom Mungai and Mureithi Ngari 83 and 88 respectively allegedly in 2015 at Tangi Tano village in Gilgil Nakuru County intentionally and unlawfully defiled a 10 year old. ALSO...
  4. MkenyaHalisi

    Anomalous Kenyans

    Kenyans got very peculiar habits. I find some of them very annoying but there is little you can do because you have to pretend that all is okey. For instance you buy a newspaper in the morning, get to the office at around 8.15am but the newspaper is taken away before you can even switch on your...
  5. MkenyaHalisi

    Fan Belt

    Just the other day when I was servicing my ka-toyota(now at 130000km) my mechanic advised me we change the fan belt. Later that weekend I drove upcountry (about 200km from the city) . It rained heavily that afternoon and on turning on the engine that evening for my journey back a disturbing...
  6. MkenyaHalisi

    Speed Alert ⚠

    Southern by-pass ni ngori leo. Wamenikulia 5k already. Be warned! Naskia mauchungu mpaka sikuli lunch leo... Nameza dawa
  7. MkenyaHalisi

    This thing Janet Mbugua

    Janet Mbugua ametoa weave... Hii kitu ni dryfriable kabisa...... How old is her kid again?? Mbisha angalia citizen TV; siwezi chukuwa screenshot cause kamtu kako kejani na hatuongeleshani...nakulako kwa macho!!!!
  8. MkenyaHalisi

    My Bet Tonight

    Putting my money where my mouth is....
  9. MkenyaHalisi

    Alcoblow situation

    Leo wamecamp hapo Tajmal.. Landcruiser imejaa mafans.
  10. MkenyaHalisi

    My bet today

    Nimechoka kukula pesa kidogo!!! Leteni mawaidha
  11. MkenyaHalisi

    Wahome could have been a ktalker but.....

    A Nyeri tycoon wants his wife stopped from transferring to her name a property the couple inherited from their son. Mr Francis Ndegwa has asked the Court of Appeal to stop his wife, Mrs Juliet Ndegwa, from inheriting the house in Nairobi’s Buru Buru left by their son Robert Wahome. In 2013, Mr...
  12. MkenyaHalisi

    @Okiya et Al

    @Okiya et Al, I was thinking of putting some of my eggs in this basket. Will they hatch ama mnaonaje?? Tafadhali saidieni...
  13. MkenyaHalisi

    .....why would a qualified pilot want to be a policeman???

    "A holder of two doctoral degrees, a qualified pilot and a mechanical engineer are working as constables because of discrimination and irregularities in the police promotion system, a meeting heard yesterday. A member of the National Police Service Commission, Mr Murshid Mohamed, said irregular...
  14. MkenyaHalisi

    Blood and Oil

    Just watched episode 1 season looks a nice series!! Any talker ameicheki alete morale
  15. MkenyaHalisi


    Hands are hypocrites,they clap for hymns clasp for prayer and toss grenades in churches pretenders,these hands are! Hands are naughty and somewhat uncouth they grab bums in congested bus stations and raise whips to spank sluts and slap cash on strippers and chastise nuns I hate hands they...
  16. MkenyaHalisi

    What a survey...??

    Has Kenya really gotten to this level or is it just another of the politically motivated statistics....?? Cord backers hit hardest by poverty, new study shows A majority of Cord supporters are low-income earners and can hardly afford a meal, a survey on Kenya’s household economic conditions...
  17. MkenyaHalisi

    Team Kawasaki Just found it antic-lick my apologies
  18. MkenyaHalisi

    Namesake ama she is the real deal???

    Was just passing by and came across a Grace Msalame (though from somebody try demystify this dryfriable candidate from our very own articulate, bogie-loving @msalame grace
  19. MkenyaHalisi

    Mtu Anakojolea pesa yangu

    Thought and was 99% sure that Argentina was going to win the Copa American cup but wapi...... pesa yangu inakojolewa nikiona... end of betting
  20. MkenyaHalisi


    Thiago Silva gave a nonsensical hand ball which made it level 1-1 after a Robinho's brilliant finish that forced a penalty shoot out which the Brazilian team lost 3-4 to Paraguay.......The end of official Street Football!!!!!