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    Kujaribiwa na shetani

    Women are of Satan. Wife ameleta cousin yake kamomo hivi. Kuanzia Jana, mwanaume sina amani kwa nyumba. Natamani kufyeka lakini the stakes are just too high. Kamomo kenyewe ni kasupa with nice legs and humongous ass na ni yello yello. Am at a loss on what to do.
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    WHY i No Longer Sleep Naked

    While in high school, I used to sleep in full regalia. Sleep time was a case study in military dressing. I would sleep in my trouser with a t-shirt, sweater and socks with shoes just next to my bed reason being that I always wanted to be ever ready for any eventuality. Hii tabia niliendelea nayo...
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    Voting with our fingers and bundles

    Salamu kwa wote, I note with concern ujinga ile imeingia kwa village courtesy of the Admin na moderators wake. First, let them know that hii site ni ndogo sana for them kumea pembe. Its vibrancy is dependent on member generated content. Everyone knows that the site is hoping to cash in on the...
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    INGIA kuja hapa!

    Nimeona ufala yako inaharibu thread za watu wengine sasa nimekufungulia a dedicated thread. Nataka useme kila kitu iko kwa hio kichwa yako. Na kama iko bure, do not reply. Reply only kama uko na akili.
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    Man to serve 10 years for raping drunk best friend for hours A 42-year-old man has been sentence to 10 years in prison for raping Zacharia Wachira, with whom he has been drinking alcohol for 20 years. Joseph Gatere Karaya was found guilty of the offence which is against the ‘order of nature.’...