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  1. Prof.Jakihii

    The Prodigal Son

    Kindly take your two mins. Members to welcome Prof. Jakihii back with the latest Kijiji Update.It Alot has happened but thank God im back on my feet(True Story for another day) What have i missed. Any News about my K.List Sworn Enemy F. Magui?, Did Atwoli coming in through the front door, What...
  2. Prof.Jakihii

    Breaking News! Breaking News!-R.I.P Fatou Bensouda

    Two children drowned and 21 people were rescued Wednesday morning after two boats collided in Lake Victoria. The two children, identified as Fatou Bensouda, aged 2, and Eda Anyango, 4, were travelling with their mother to Kisumu.
  3. Prof.Jakihii


    I hope you are doing well, Of late i have been trying to fight alcoholism(1st generation), Porn , Kawasaki na Kuhanya hanya. Its now almost three weeks and i feel like a virgin already. As usual, there are those withdrawal symptoms associated with the above mentioned and the biggest was...
  4. Prof.Jakihii

    hekaya za Prof.

    kumanga waitress on a tue. The story will follow later pombe ikitoka kwa kichwa
  5. Prof.Jakihii

    Jakihii old habbits

    As usual, Prof. is a sniper and will take an slightest opportunity to dry fry, 2 weeks ago, i met this black beauty at a wedding committee ya beste yangu, she looked cute but alikua na attitude kama ya Nyani imemaliza ku wank.Beste yangu mwenye anapanga wedding aka tu introduce to each other...
  6. Prof.Jakihii

    @ Njamba Huthu Cc:Admin

    First i;m very glad to finally join the old Village listers here. kusemako tu ukweli niliwa miss sana. @ Njamba huthu, it is with great shock that i have come to learn you are using my real photo as your avatar. Tafadhali wacha hio tabia kapisa. Is Muchatha in this new Village/? @admin, is it...