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  1. Nameberry1

    Good health

    Is all we need for the new year. Is it true that saving money and frugality does not make one wealthy? Wanna stop this bad buying behavior, and deal with the root cause of it all. We thank God
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    I think the BMI calculations and height, weight considerations should be reviewed and should be different for Africans. The BMI thats said to be safe for many would make us appear unwell. Our structures are not similar to jungu ones, our BMI ratings should be different too
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    Real vs not..

    Drop your unreal friends, less baggage in the new year. This includes your side chicks.
  4. Nameberry1

    Sleep Patterns

    Lack of sleep is not as bad as dry spell, but latter can cause the former. I need better sleep patterns.
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    This reminds me of ice_cube,, He must have experienced this at some point kwa plot
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    Is it

    Is this the truth though:confused:
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    Am in a very good mood (VGM) and I don't wanna lose it in sleep Mmh
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    This Xmas i get to feel what its like to be by myself at this time just like some talkers. No making 50 chapos.. Thank God
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    Not bn to a wedding since I can't even remember. Waiting on God for a proposal Me
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    Suede Cleaner

    She must have many customers. This suede gal. Guess the ktalker being served. I bet there's a queue behind the talker.
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    Midjan already, need to come up with the year's resolutions list. Starting with cut my hair.. Tonite is a polite night .
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    How to behave

    Am guilty of no. 5. All menz r guilty of no. 1 This one is speaking my language esp cz of my 'gains' over the hols. Thanku pal.
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    This team mafisi member representing us home n away Fast moving priest
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    talk less

    applies to me too
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    How true

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    Am looking for a movable bed so I can set it at any corner of the room. A bed on wheels/rollers.
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    a drink

    You used to call me on my Cellfone
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    Really nice. The end justifies the means to achieve cute selfies. its all worth it Is this for real smh. Racism reloaded Marriage sucks
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    Where to find real traditional Kuku for a Xmas day meal. n not exlayers
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    DikJoy Hotel

    @Mark10 This is us