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    paruwanja na pwegege za siku kuu! pongezi bwana Introvert.
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  3. lon fuller

    War in Syria explained

    NV calm down. we quote our sources all the time and draw sketches:(
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    Insecurity ya Zimmer

    :D:D:Dghosty tings! KIMAIYO 'coast'
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    Acha nibwage hii hapa

    ''son, the guilty ones are always afraid''-anonymous Tugenesis
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    Ilove fridays y lie.

    drunkards everywhere;) amka friday imeisha!
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    Dec 1 1994

    pole kwa masaibu ndugu @Meria Mata its the first time am reading of the tragedy. I might have been less than 2 years by then.
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    @Phenomenal Woman

    jiekee buda. acha ufala:(:(
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    So. . .

    i choose to be ignored
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    Tag a talker.

    @old monk extremely mean. unatoaje picha kwa threads kadhaa knowing well huku ni home of fotos!
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    How i met the father of my kids...close to the end.

    i take this opportunity to wish my village elder sister happy times:)
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    Charles Keter dafuk? Senator and cs dafuk!

    umenoa ndugu. the guy on the left is ALFRED Keter. to the right side ni CHARLES Keter
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    Hoes ain't loyal...

    hidden agenda...:D:D pia wewe sign in,
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    list of useful websites

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    Kwale and their Delicacy

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    Now that the kids are asleep...

    fisis? otoyos? nyang'au detected, sisemi nani:D