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  1. TrumanCapote

    Single Mother Problems

    Copied INBOX: Hide my identity. Im a single mum of a 5yrs old boy. I dated a guy for 6 months before we did traditional wedding in our 7th month. He was aware of this child from the very first day we meet. My son stays with my parents but after the ruracio we took him with us to our new home...
  2. TrumanCapote

    Black Americans been thru the most

    OK. Yall know there's no love lost between niggas and myself. I have been called self hating bcz of my criticism of African Americans but because I am an intellectual, I took it upon myself to really understand these people, after all they do look like me. I owe them that much, so I went to do...
  3. TrumanCapote

    Golf Estate

  4. TrumanCapote

    Marriage problems of modern women

    Sijui niseme... Copied A Husband who has a history of cheating, yaani nshaimpata akicheat and he didn't even deny it or even say sorry he just said I make him cheat and still refuses to let you have access to his phone anasema hatawai kupea password ya simu yake... he treats me so badly he...
  5. TrumanCapote

    Between Me and the World

    I don't know if it's Trump fatigue or why there's so many documentaries and movies about the black experience in America. I don't want to spoil it for you so I will talk about the sentiments parts of this evoked in me. There's a university called Howard in DC which is a black only uni, it's such...
  6. TrumanCapote

    Parents someni hii

    Copied *THE STORY OF THE MISSING GIRLS IN NAIROBI MUST JOLT US AS PARENTS INTO ACTION* By Peter Amunga. When the story of missing girls went viral this week, I did some soul searching. Am I a good parent? Many of us who followed the stories of the girls started blaming the parents. Little do...
  7. TrumanCapote

    Boarding School at 9

    Wow!!! Why do parents take kids to boarding in primary school Copied I need an advice,I took my son to a boarding school grade 4 coz I wanted him to have a god education and to learn to be independent as a first born,my son is hyper type and I have been visiting him after every 2 weeks...
  8. TrumanCapote

    Male Entitlement

    MEN:f**k me, suck me, feed me, heal me, carry, birth and raise my children, comfort my pain and demons, give me money for my business, take loans for me, pamper me. WOMEN : OK, can you pay this bill? MEN: YOU BEACHES ARE TOO ENTITLED, YOU BEACHES ARE GOLD DIGGERS. YOU ALWAYS WANT A MAN TO...
  9. TrumanCapote

    Godfather of Harlem

    Forest Whitaker's acting is delectable. Gave me chills like only Denzel could. And Malcolm X and Nation of Islam plus Italian mafioso is in it too. This is who Fargo should have picked for season 4 not Chris Rock. Won't say more, don't want to spoil it for you. Hope he's nominated for an award...
  10. TrumanCapote

    Pyjama company knows dead beat dad's are black

    Gosh. This is so hilarious. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii and your Karura forest team Kuja muone hii. Mzungu anajua black family ndio haikuangi na baba. Keep up the great work. LMFAO.
  11. TrumanCapote

    2 black men charged with shooting death of 7 yr old girl

    These monkeys are at it again. Trigger happy baboons.
  12. TrumanCapote

    The Watts family :Are relationships and marriage this daunting

    All of true crime community can't get enough of the case of family annihilator Chris Watts. I'm currently listening to the criminal minds analysis of the Netflix Documentary American Murder the family next door. I'm actually realizing that the main protagonist were on their second marriage. The...
  13. TrumanCapote

    Man whores here's how to live with herpes

    Kissing can give you herpes and its incurable
  14. TrumanCapote

    23 yo pg woman shot dead by baby daddy

    Wanaume hawana ahsante. Ahsante ya punda ni mateke.
  15. TrumanCapote

    Child Sex Trade in Oregon

  16. TrumanCapote

    Teenage Girls as young as 14 luring each other into prostitution

    Parent's worst nightmare... I don't envy modern parents.
  17. TrumanCapote

    Why is cheating a big deal or the worst thing you can do in a relationship?

    Is it me who is abnormal or what is so big in cheating? Mimi bora unalipa bills and you are ready to wear condom or forget sex altogether na usiwahi nigusa bcz huna spare ya hata kucha ama nywele, please handle with care. Otherwise feelanga free, as long as usiletee mpango kwa nyumba, fyeka...