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  1. frankie3

    Flashing a bricked MTK phone

    As many ways to trap a rat there is so it is. There are so many softwares and hardware for specific tasks. in your case and not only that but to any other case where you find the phone is off completely we use hardware tools and then softwares to give it life. The only phone that takes more than...
  2. frankie3

    Acess Control

    needs combined acess control board for : 8 channel 6 zone Alarm with gsm sim card, cctv, lights,
  3. frankie3

    ISP providers

    this variation of price is due to a factor: Dedicated & non dedicated (shared) Internet connection.
  4. frankie3

    IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet

    this is what we want! the world should embrace such innovations.
  5. frankie3

    Dangers of account syncs

    be wise never give out your phone to anyone to insert his / her sim card for so many reasons (it's hundred of pages). Again when you sell or buy a second hand electronic gadget ensure you know the other partner well & can reach out for him / her easily plus consult well informed / Hi-Tech guys.
  6. frankie3

    ISP providers

    just like pato hazard has said. Anyway If you give me the site details I would be in a better position to give you & the company the best way forward on the issue. 0728367374 /0770094568
  7. frankie3

    ISP providers

    well said
  8. frankie3

    coding gurus.... sites za kujifundisha coding?

    security & Technology is my only intrest
  9. frankie3

    coding gurus.... sites za kujifundisha coding?,
  10. frankie3

    Inside a Google Data Centre

    I would quit military incase of such a job
  11. frankie3

    system image from failed HDD

    Data from damaged disks can be retrieved, The disk can also be repaired and re used. 0728365374
  12. frankie3

    laptop shuts down unexpectedly

    There are a number of issues that can lead to such. a key can be in a bad position due to several other factors, a failed fan, a dry joint on the board, control pannel setting issues, software issues. I can help sort out this issue. 0728365374
  13. frankie3

    Best internet service provider around

    use orange fly box
  14. frankie3

    Watu wa Internet TVS, please advice

    currently it isn't working due to poor network. please incase you need internet just but a router of which there are so many models e,g linksys, tp link, etc, contract an ICT Tech for advise on the best internet package & platform
  15. frankie3

    Games in Windows 10

    there are so many other options: linux, unix, mac os, etc and I can also create a patch to assist user to install application softwares for windows platforms.
  16. frankie3

    Digital Tv and Dstv integration

    dstv decoder plus dish will work. technician readily available solution 0770094568 / 0728365374 francis
  17. frankie3

    Cyber Internet

    as for Internet there are so many options that can give solutions. 0728365374 / 0770094568 call my line for more details