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  1. Lord Bailesh

    Learning from women body language

    :D:D:D swali nyeti
  2. Lord Bailesh

    18+ Swali nyeti

    Yes it is,einstein.... So why are you busy commenting on this topic that you think should only be discussed by "empty minds"?. You should be somewhere discussing ideas.
  3. Lord Bailesh

    18+ Swali nyeti

    U can't be discussing ideas all must be spiced by stori za matacore,coomer,fobe na kadhalika
  4. Lord Bailesh

    Ulevi sacco ... Kuweka lock edishen

    Dons' lounge arusha,tz. Picha haitoki poa
  5. Lord Bailesh

    Ulevi sacco ... Kuweka lock edishen

    Must be mist or rumourz
  6. Lord Bailesh

    Prank gone wrong

    So this lady was about to shoot his bf because of the panties she was pranked with.. This guy has the excuse to break the rship. Dangerous kuliko hata wa nyeri.
  7. Lord Bailesh

    She has gone to be with the angles. Thank you for the 5 years.

    Gone too soon... Mimi ya 2013 bado niko nayo
  8. Lord Bailesh

    Polite Notice..

    Why would a billionaire take boda instead of driving
  9. Lord Bailesh

    Mat business.

    Boss hebu toa details man. How bout having one from the showroom,price? Proccess of registering with uber? who bear the maintenance costs? Sounds like a good deal.
  10. Lord Bailesh

    Mat business.

    thanks boss for this,link?
  11. Lord Bailesh

    Mat business.

    Asanteni kwa advice..
  12. Lord Bailesh

    Mat business.

    Hey good guys... Could Someone advice on the pros and cons of operating a matatu biz.what are the costs,revenue per day,challenges? Saidia a talker priz.
  13. Lord Bailesh

    Interest on Savings Account

    Is this interest calculated per annum or the term of the deposit?
  14. Lord Bailesh

    Dr. Luther and other village sex therapists... Niko na chinda

    Unatusumbulia our village docs na stupid your age you should have faced bigger problems that what you are claiming to have now. U got issues man
  15. Lord Bailesh

    masaibu ya junior bachelor

    Sometime back I had only one pair of official shoes. One eve mimi na uchovu nikavua shoes nikaacha nje till morning.They were rained on.had my best official shirt and trousers,kutoka nje got a shock of my life.had to wear sneakers with official.nilitamani kua na bibi. Another incidence: one...
  16. Lord Bailesh

    Hang out joints

    A Any theatre in mombasa that you know of?
  17. Lord Bailesh

    Boring Sunday

    happens to me most of the time...
  18. Lord Bailesh

    Ethiopia has only hot women myth!..Busted