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  1. Druntech

    lady in a youtube prank talks in kiuk.

    kikuyus everywhere i tell you. just skip to 20:30
  2. Druntech

    Whatsapp group

    Who is in a whatsapp group that is interesting ani ADD?..... am in very boring whatsapp groups lately... My number 0726986919
  3. Druntech


    In the beginning of this year, i had a deal with a guy from china who buys used and new phones from US and EUROPE from locked carriers like AT&T then he unlocks, refurbishes and sells them. So I'd buy his handsets which were very cheap e.g I'd sell a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 for ksh. 50,000 at a...
  4. Druntech

    he's not even top 50 richest person

    john tra volta's house
  5. Druntech

    Getting a passport in kenya

    Wana kijiji, i want to apply for a passport. Where do i start? Is there an online method of doing it, or can i get it in one of those HUDUMA CENTER?
  6. Druntech

    Guy from klist

    Hello ktalkers, i recently got help from a great ktalker called GURU in getting my logbook from kra, and i thank her for that... Now am thinking of getting another car from japan, and there was this GUY in *** who used to help guys in car import, dont know if he's around, but ill throw...
  7. Druntech

    Help NTSA saidia

    Earlier, i had posted a listing asking how long a logbook takes to be released by NTSA after final submission...... Someone i had met at times tower also re-appling for a new logbook got his(dint disclose how) ... So is there someone in this village who knows people in NTSA who can help me get...
  8. Druntech

    Replacing a logbook.

    (Anyone whos done it before) My logbook got distorted, i applied for another at KRA after going through a crazy process. My question is how long does it take for KRA to give me another?