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  1. Lord Bailesh

    Prank gone wrong

    So this lady was about to shoot his bf because of the panties she was pranked with.. This guy has the excuse to break the rship. Dangerous kuliko hata wa nyeri.
  2. Lord Bailesh

    Mat business.

    Hey good guys... Could Someone advice on the pros and cons of operating a matatu biz.what are the costs,revenue per day,challenges? Saidia a talker priz.
  3. Lord Bailesh

    Pwagu hupata pwaguzi

    So after several years of enjoying my bachelorhood(fucking different girls and whores in a week and getting high each weekend and occasionally some weekdays) I decided to put an end to it. The best way was to get a permanent girlfriend and progress things further to marriage. I also planned to...
  4. Lord Bailesh

    Ktalkers ni wengi huko

    @Web Dev so afterall @uwesmake has always been telling the truth Yule jamaa @Agent47 ndo huyo Huyu sijui ni nani but anakaa monk:D:D
  5. Lord Bailesh


    Hangovers zitakua nursed on sunday..karibuni
  6. Lord Bailesh

    treating Monday blues.

    Yesterday the day wasn't moving.hangover kwa sana.Leo nimeamua I burst a nut. Mbicha ndo hio Grabbing
  7. Lord Bailesh


    So Jana I met this lady karao tukaenda is true makarao wamezoea violence.during the session anataka umspank all the time.Mara 'naomba uniwekee lovebites kwa Shingo,shoulder na matiti'.mujamaa niko busy practicing cannibalism:D:D.Nway got a very nice bj. Mbicha ndio hio.najua strechmarks...
  8. Lord Bailesh


    Met this chick and we exchanged numbers.kumcheki whatsapp this is what I see as her status.nimedelete number faster
  9. Lord Bailesh

    baba pia team mafisi

  10. Lord Bailesh


    So there is this fly chick I have been eyeing for days.called her yesterday night for some drinks and she accepted. Called my cab guy tukampick off we go mpaka club.tried to dance with this bisch akasema wait Mimi ndo huyo dance floor na zile moves zangu I acquired in campus:D. Took a...
  11. Lord Bailesh

    cant help but wonder...

    Disclaimer:am not trying to be maina kageni or wamama wa saloon but Hii imenishangaza. Was at this hotel having lunch and I overheard one waitress, very beautiful that I was almost approaching her,discussing her lover with a fellow waitress(also cute). This lady was talking bout the fight they...
  12. Lord Bailesh

    Old monk explain this

    Today I replied to a post and was astonished to see my status reading ' new villager' Was in klist for 2years bwana.change my status to a villager,ikiwezekana senior villager..