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    Craiglist Dead

    Juu mzungu alisema hataki kuweka notice ya ndege za CL, tunaenda kuwinda wapi? Any recommendations?
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    Kuna ndege fulani niliwinda Craiglist. Nikakamua weekend yotee..sasa inanishow eti inataka kubaki kwa nyumba yangu kama wife... Wewe unaweza oa kitu ya CL? Leteni zote hata hizo KUMBWA!
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    18+ PK Inalalisha Fisi Asubuhi

    [ FROM RCIO NBI AREA GIGIRI DIVISION DCI PARKLANDS ((We are holding one by the name of Elizabeth Wangui Mathenge aged 20 years a resident of Dandora for the offence of stealing. Briefly on the 3rd day of July 2017, she went to Club 1824 along Langata Road and met with the complainant in this...
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    I will be in Kampala for the weekend....Which are some of the places you recommend for good puthie, music and a good rate!
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    Wakubwa...wapi huku unaweza pata ikusde fresh?
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    Ni do aje?

    Najua mtanipa majibu ya choo! Kuna dem fulani we met at a social event. She stays in Kisumu and I in In Nairobi. So we exchanged numbers and we chatted. I invited her over after two or three weeks. So she has kujad to my place and.......believe me, ameninyima kusde. Eti we still knowing each...
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    Kienyeji ya ukweli!

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    BEWARE! Spring chicks!

    Schools are on midterm break. You'll see young things walking around in estates...with very supple behinds. Dear friend, do not! I repeat, do not! Just stick to your staple of mboches and bibi za jirani... Hawa watoto ni temptations...dare touch those things and you are in for long time...
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    I swear this warges is hooooottttt....look at these images here! Huyu hata Vera Sidika hafikii
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    Louis Otieno v Careen Chepchumba

    So Loui Otieno claims that Careen's father used to dry fry her... The brother's testimony contradicts the father's. Apparently Careen's bank account was being used by the father to do dirty stuff... Careen was not biological daughter of Hosea Kili... This thing is just sad!!!!
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    Hii Embakasi wapi kuna coomer safi...on sale! Na si Aston Villa!
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    Home / Love & Relationships / “Don’t date single mothers and don’t waste your time with them”-

    An American author named Shawn James this week wrote a controversial essay titled ‘Why Real Men Avoid Single Mothers’ – detailing 15 reasons why men should not date single mothers. It’s got people talking. Read below and tell us what you think…(If you’re a single mother, you won’t like this..:))...
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    Tinder is the new harvesting forum for fresh and old cummers... How many have been successful there?
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    EVIDENCE! Chungeni Sana You Randy Talkers!!

    Those who like taking these college kids out and want to Dr Fry yet you don't want to spend! You will be "robbed" and left with nothing!
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    does God exist?

    If God exists, he'll have to answer so many questions from me-A Jewish holocaust survivor
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    This is my story. So my missus asks for some cash to do some projects, but I decide to drink a part of the cash she had asked. She then gets very mad! She decides as a punishment I won't touch her a bit. One, five days, one week, three weeks, a months, two months! It was getting serious...
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    Huddah Munroe!

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    Nyayo/Fedha Crow Daddy

    Hii base iko na some fwain younglings...but nasikia ni base ya Mwea Pishori....any experience, reviews?