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  1. Kaffir

    Oduma numba chronicles

    This whole thing is a farce ! All this shit could have been done with an Id , I use it on ecitizen to get all govt services , dont forget the still have your prints on the Id and digitally on the voters roll !
  2. Kaffir


    Remember this chap , one time GSU descended on him with rungus this chap didn't run but just sniffed his tobacco , leaving the GSU in amazement calling him kokoto , Remember his church on the kamkunji roundabout !
  3. Kaffir

    Serial Killer Chemirmir From Kenya Charged In Dallas.

    an arsehole he is , Face the electrical chair he will
  4. Kaffir


    If he could follow his advice and stop visiting such sites in the morning
  5. Kaffir

    Emma Too

    Hiyo sec pic tell,her to breath out
  6. Kaffir

    The suspects were sipping different drinks and smoking different forms of smoke

    You think this is bad you need to hear their Mombasa correspondent ! I can never tell what the young man is trying to say , I really worry about thoroko media's hiring practices FYI I don't care about accents but this chaps mix tenses like crazy
  7. Kaffir

    Fake Chinese cars alongside the originals

    BMW went to court Chinese court ruled it did not see any similarities between the BMW X5 and the Chinese version
  8. Kaffir

    RIP Jeremiah Kiereini

    “Thii ukere murumegwo Njonjo ninii ndoiga (Go tell your husband Njonjo, I'm the one who said so),” Mr Muturi curtly said and continued to insult Mr Kiereni.
  9. Kaffir

    RIP Jeremiah Kiereini

    In that photo he truly looks like Njionjo's bitch !
  10. Kaffir

    Russian military used Microsoft products for many years.

    Kuna aircraft carrier ya UK inatumia microsoft XP !
  11. Kaffir

    KRA Thief :My paranoid Landlord

    I really value my peace of mind ! I would hate to be like that guy or Kidero who instead of loved ones you have lawyers on speed dial ! Wonder if it's the same ex KRA guy who was arrested about 2 years ago jamaa ame jaza flats kila mahali . As much as guys say there is no fight on corruption...
  12. Kaffir


    Seems a big chunk of listers wana weza pitia nama tranny given half a chance !!!
  13. Kaffir

    Forget about Khaki pants.

    For me this are the real deal stretch and comfy well worth it , pesants endeni gikomba 4am kufungua camera mta angukia !
  14. Kaffir

    Shiney eyes Kunguru in Amerika

    Kwa wale walifanyia huyu harambee ati ame enda merica poleni
  15. Kaffir

    Mheshimiwa Caught In the act

    You can take my 77 virgins or whatever ur prophets promised you !
  16. Kaffir

    Mheshimiwa Caught In the act

    You can take my golden mansion in heaven , when ur messiah comes for the good people on his white horse from the sky !
  17. Kaffir

    Mheshimiwa Caught In the act

    Nobody can claim he has never bagged a Caucasian !
  18. Kaffir

    Simple mistakes can lead to really big trouble.

    Shouln't they be concentrating on toilets 1st